Psychological facts and hacks that are fun to know

As most people know by now, I love myself some facts. Or facts that don’t make any sense, but are fun to know regardless. In any case, I got a few psychological ones, whereas some of them are also considered hacks. So, use it to your advantage πŸ˜‰

1. Whenever you walk through a door, your brain considers it as a sign to refresh your memories. It’s why we forget what we wanted to do when we enter a different room.

2. You suddenly get the urge to do something dangerous. But it’s actually your brain warning you. Whenever you stand on something high and wonder: should I jump down? No worries, it’s just your brain signaling you to realise you might be in danger.

3. Intelligent people have less friends. We all know the nerds who have the least friends in class. In my case, I consider this fact false, considering I’m an intelligent person with many friends. But it appears to be a psychological one that seems to be true. Opinions are divided.

4. When you marry your best friend, the chances of a divorce are 70% less than when you marry your lover. You trust that person with anything and have know each other longer than you’ve known your lover (in most situations).

Photography of Person Peeking

5. When someone hides something from you, you should say you found it. They’ll then reveal where they hid it. How? Because they’ll look into the right direction. A good hack right there.

6. When you’re working out and are counting your jumping jacks, you should count from high to low. It’s more motivating to count from 20 to 0 instead of the opposite. Which actually counts for all workouts you do.

7. When you eat something whilst studying and you eat that again during your test, you should get a much better grade. Why? Taste and smell are a close comparison when it comes to remembering things. Your brain associates the taste and smell with what you learned whilst eating that.

8. Good liars are skilled in recognising lies. Say someone knows when you’re lying, you can consider them a liar as well. It’s why they say that cops are skilled in both.

Woman Sitting in Front of Macbook

9. It takes only four minutes to fall in love with someone. It’s why people fall in love with actors and singers after seeing them for a short amount of time. Same goes for people in real life. It just happens straight away. James Gordon certainly showed when he met Lee πŸ˜‰

Love, Deem ❀

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22 thoughts on “Psychological facts and hacks that are fun to know

  1. Loved the fact about liars, the person is either too smart to spot liars or they are liars themselves! Haha good one!

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