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What your zodiac sign says about your gaming personality

I love playing games, that’s not a secret anymore. And I once read something about the connection between zodiac signs and your gaming personality. So, shall we just get started?


Adventure is written on your forehead, imagination is your best friend. You’re creative and always look for zest in a game. And why you play games? Just for fun. You’re also someone who plays a game literally anywhere. In the train, in the car and even whilst sitting on the toilet. Why? Because nothing beats going on an adventure,


You’re devoted, meaning that every game is like a contract to you. You must finish it till the end. When playing in a team, they do everything to make others happy. Others use this to their advantage to win. You hate failing and don’t like losing, but you don’t mind either.


You’re up for a gamble or two, which makes you a great player who doesn’t necessarily know why they play games. The simplest reason? You just love it. You’re interested in any kind of game, anywhere. With that, it’s hard for you to admit you weren’t right. It’s not easy for you to learn from your mistakes whilst playing.


You’re stubborn and persistent, so it’s natural for you to go all in till the end. You like to take risks and will do anything to win. You’re more of raffle fan than gaming lover. You’re also quite lazy, so you easily drop everything and stop playing when you don’t feel like it.

Person Playing With Handheld Game Console


You’re always looking for variety and more energy within games. It means that you want to play different games, all the time. You want to be active, so you can’t really handle games that force you to sit down. So, you’d be a great arcade lover.


You’re all about quiet and peace. So, you can’t stand loud and full-of-action games. You’re more of a table kind of gamer. Then again, you love story games, since you can choose your own path. And it’s not much action. At least not as much to make you stop playing.


You want every game to be about you, wanting to be in the spotlight. You like games where lots and lots of people participate in. You don’t like playing alone, seeing as you’ve got the feeling to prove yourself to others. You like action, drama and can therefore not be tamed.


You’re precise and alert, always out there looking for the best games to play. You hardly get tired and have great analytical skills. You’re like a hurricane on the outside, but pretty sweet on the inside.

Pink And Black Nintendo DS


It’s all about balance, according to you. It’s hard for you to make a move, so you prefer to think twice before moving once. And it doesn’t matter which game you play for that to happen. You should therefore find a game that’s fast and doesn’t require any additional thinking.


You’re easily jealous and try to be manipulative in every game you play. You’re very independent and can learn pretty fast whilst playing alone. No game is hard for you to learn. Once you find a game to play, there’s no reason you won’t play it till the end.


You’re a cut-it-to-the-chase kind of person. You don’t like games that take a lot of time and effort. If you don’t like a game, you’ll tell it right away. No hidden feelings. Arcades might fit you best. However, it might take a while before you’ve found a game you can really fall in love with.


You’re spontaneous and loyal, meaning that you won’t experiment with games. You’re someone who picks the weirdest game ever. You’re also patient, so when you can’t find a game you like, you’ll wait for your chance to arrive.

Person Holding Sony Ps4 Dualshock 4

Love, Deem ❤

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