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Self-defense moves everyone should know

Violence is something that happens to all of us at least once in our lives. Or, you’ve got an angel on your shoulder and never get to experience it. Either way, it’s always good to know self-defense moves that you can use whenever you or someone else is in trouble. As I do boxing and martial arts, these moves were the first ones I ever learned. So, let me share them with you today!

  • First off: focus on the vulnerable areas

Eyes, nose, throat and groin. Aim the moves written below at one or several of these areas to have maximum impact. But, don’t aim for the chest. That tends to be ineffective. Aiming for the knees requires a specific kick that can be too risky for the average person who has never done boxing or martial arts before. Make sure to use all your force and aggression during execution. Use your voice too, be loud and intimidate the attacker. And, create attention in case someone is nearby.

  • 1. Hammer strike

Using your car keys is one of the easiest way to defend yourself. Never use your fingernails, you’re more at risk to injure your hands. Make sure you have your keys stick out from one side of your fist for hammer strikes. Or, use your keys to click them onto a lanyard to swing at your attacker.

To perform:

  1. Hold your keyring in a tight fist, (like holding a hammer) with the keys extending from the side of your hand.
  2. Thrust downward toward your target.
  • 2. Groin kick

When someone approaches you from the front, a groin kick may deliver enough force to paralyse your attacker so you can escape. Say your attacker is too close for this move, thrust your knee toward the groin. Make sure you’ve stabilised yourself. You can’t risk falling over.

To perform:

  1. Stabilise yourself as best you can.
  2. Lift your dominant leg off the ground and drive your knee upward.
  3. Extend your dominant leg, drive your hips forward, lean slightly back and kick forcefully. Make contact between your lower shin (or ball) of your foot and the attacker’s groin area.
  • 3. Heel palm strike

This may damage the nose or throat. To execute, get in front of your attacker as best as you can. You can also use an open palm to the ears. This can be very disorienting.

To perform:

  1. Use your dominant hand to flex your wrist.
  2. Aim for either the attacker’s nose (jabbing upward from the nostrils) or underneath the attacker’s chin (jabbing upward at the throat).
  3. Make sure to recoil your strike. Pulling your arm back quickly will help thrust the attacker’s head up and back.
  4. This will cause your attacker to stagger backward, allowing you to escape.
  • 4. Elbow strike

Your attacker is in close range and you can’t create enough momentum to punch or kick? Use your elbows instead.

To perform:

  1. If you can, stabilise yourself with a strong core and steadfast legs to ensure a powerful blow.
  2. Bend your arm at the elbow, shift your weight forward and strike your elbow into your attacker’s neck, jawline, chin, or temple.
  3. This may cause your attacker to loosen their grip, allowing you to run.
Left Fist
  • 5. Alternative elbow strikes

You may be in a better position for variations on the elbow strike.

To perform from the front:

  1. Lift your elbow to shoulder height.
  2. Spin on same-side foot and allow your hips to rotate, creating more momentum into the front part of your elbow when you strike.

To perform from the side and back:

  1. Make sure you see the target.
  2. Bring your elbow up and spin your opposite foot, rotating your hips and turning into the target, making contact with the back part of your elbow.
  • 6. Escape a ‘bear hug’ attack

Your attacker comes at you from behind. Focus on getting low and creating space to free yourself.

To perform:

  1. Bend forward from the waist. This shifts your weight forward, making it more difficult for your attacker to pick you up. It also gives you a better angle to throw elbows from side to side to the attacker’s face.
  2. Turn into the attacker with one of your elbows and continue counter attacking.
  3. This should give you space to turn fully, using another move to injure the face or hit the groin. You may be able to escape and run away now.
  • 7. Escape with trapped hands

Your attacker comes at you from behind and traps your arms (similar to the bear hug, but you can’t move as freely).

To perform:

  1. Stop your attacker’s arms from going higher into a headlock. Shift your hips to one side. This gives an opening for strikes to the groin with open-handed slaps.
  2. Bring your hand back up to your arms and raise your opposite elbow to turn into the ‘wrap.’ Keep your arms tight to your chest as you’re turning in.
  3. Be aggressive with your knees and other counter attacks until you can disengage.
  • 8. Escape from side headlock

When the attacker locks their arm around your head from the side, you should avoid getting choked.

To perform:

  1. Turn into the attacker’s side as much as possible to avoid being choked.
  2. With your hand that’s furthest away, strike the groin with open-handed slaps until you have enough mobility to turn your head all the way out to disengage.
  • Last but not least: safety tips
  1. Stay in a public area. Don’t turn away from crowds. Walk into a store, coffee shop, restaurant etc. to ask for help.
  2. Call the police. Find a public area and dial 911 (or your local emergency services) if you feel you’re in danger.
  3. Carry protection. It can be pepper spray, a personal safety alarm, a (lipstick) taser, self-defense tools can help you feel more ‘safe.’
Human Fist

Love, Deem ❤

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14 thoughts on “Self-defense moves everyone should know

  1. Verlies de dader nooit uit het oog. Ik bedoel ga niet je rug keren.
    Maak jezelf onkwetsbaar door zijdelings te gaan staan. Dan maak je het voor de persoon al niet makkelijk om je te slagen of vast te nemen. Hou je handen zo dat een je gezicht beschermt en de twee je plexus. De hand die je gezicht beschermt daar kan je mee aanvallen als het nodig is.
    Pepper spray goed maar eigenlijk verboden. Steek daarom een klein busje deo in je tas. Even doeltreffend.
    Maar in eerste instantie, probeer het probleem uit de weg te gaan. En als je kan bel zo snel mogelijk 112. Er is een app als je opent en je drukt erop kom je gelijk mee de centrale in verbinding en weten ze ook snel waar jij je ergens bevind.
    Hopen dat je zoiets nooit moet meemaken.

    Aum Shanthi

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