Are you a neat freak? Then you should recognise this!

You might not call yourself one, but you may very well be one: a neat freak. You know, one who’s only happy when a room is super clean and everything is organised. But let’s be real: everyone has at least a tiny bit of a neat freak in them. Though, this list is specifically for those who literally have it notified on their business card 😉

Brown Wooden Floor
  1. Your bag is all ready for school, as you’ve packed it entirely the night before. Cookies in, a bottle of water ready, all books present, a notebook, pens, even a calculator.
  2. You actually enjoy preparing for an exam, because you can finally use all the markers you bought. I mean, the colours work perfectly well for highlighting the important things!
  3. You can’t wait to buy new pencils, pens and notebooks for the upcoming school year at the end of summer. All fresh, all new.
  4. You’re visiting a friend and when you walk in, your heart sinks. Look at all that mess! You’ve got to try your best to not clean anything that doesn’t belong to you. But, you know, maybe you should give a subtle hint…
  5. You get out of bed and want to head downstairs, but not before you’ve made sure it looks as if no one has slept in it before you leave your room. In your defense: an unorganised bed is so not okay!
  6. You take a notebook with you wherever you go. You believe you might need it at the most random moment to write something down or to make sure you don’t forget something. It’s always a good idea to bring pen and paper with you, right?
  7. You’re in a conversation with someone else, but start to clean things standing on the table. You can’t help it, it happens on its own. You can’t stop yourself to not organise the things surrounding you.
  8. You decide to clean your entire bedroom, just to avoid doing any other chores you have to do. I mean, any day is an excuse to clean your room to avoid other tasks, right?
  9. When someone offers to help you clean, you have to politely reject. No one is allowed to clean, but you. After all, only you know how to truly clean.
Person Wearing White Pants and White Socks Standing Beside Brown Broom

Are you a neat freak or not at all?

Love, Deem ❤

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