50 popular weird food combinations!

I find myself watching these type of videos lately (please don’t ask me why). But it’s just funny to hear and know what people, apparently, consider to be tasty enough to combine? Like, the most weird combinations pop up and I’m glad to watch such videos to let them determine for me whether or not it’s eatable and worth trying. But, as expected, most of it isn’t. In any case: let’s get started!

Note: some things aren’t vegetarian. For me, I’d definitely never try those, as I’m a vegetarian. And, most aren’t vegan either. So, be aware of that. It’s just a list of things I saw flying by on the internet and in videos.

Flat-lay Photography of Vegetable Salad on Plate
  1. Whipped cream cheese and Flamin’ hot cheetos
  2. Apple pie with cheddar on top
  3. Sweet potato fries dipped in pancake syrup
  4. Salt and chocolate milk
  5. Ice cream with infused balsamic vinegar
  6. Strawberries dipped in sour cream and brown sugar
  7. Hot sauce on brownies/chocolate cake
  8. Nutella or M&M’s on pizza
  9. Apples with salt and pepper
  10. Kipnuggets and sprite
  11. Mac and cheese with dill pickle chunks
  12. Grilled brie and honey sandwiches
  13. Popcorn and ketchup
  14. Turkey and peanut butter sandwich
  15. Hamburger and peanut butter
  16. Tinned tuna with diced apple
  17. Salt and vinegar chips in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich
  18. Marshmallows, nachos and cheese
  19. Toasted bread with mayo and pineapple
  20. Pizza dipped in applesauce
  21. Banana slices in spaghetti
  22. M&M’s in spaghetti
  23. Orange slices dipped in ranch
  24. Oreos dipped in orange juice
  25. Pumpkin pie and ricotta cheese
  26. Grilled cheese cereal
  27. Pickles and frosting
  28. Chocolate chip cookies and melted cheese
  29. Flamin’ hot cheetos and milk
  30. French fries and honey
  31. Flamin’ hot cheetos and chocolate pudding
  32. Pepperoni and peanut butter sandwich
  33. Doritos and cottage cheese
  34. Pizza and strawberries
  35. Bacon and jelly
  36. Hot cocoa and avocado
  37. Pineapple and blue cheese
  38. Ham, banana and ketchup sandwich
  39. Nutella and grilled cheese sandwich
  40. Rice krispies and nacho cheese
  41. Peaches and spam
  42. Candy cane and gravy
  43. Hot dog and eclair
  44. Watermelon and Oreos
  45. Peanut butter, jelly and Doritos sandwich
  46. Oreos and pickles
  47. Grapes and ranch salad dressing
  48. Pickles and peanut butter sandwich
  49. Pringles and Nutella
  50. Spaghetti and tacos
Selective Focus Photography of Pasta With Tomato and Basil

Which weird food combinations do you eat and which one(s) do you want to add?

Love, Deem ❤

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Image source: Pexels


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