Is your online lover a catfish? These are the signs!

Surely we all know a horrific story of someone ‘dating’ a catfish online. There’s even a tv-show dedicated to this phenomenon. In any case, how often don’t you hear someone say: ‘that’ll never happen to me!’ Though, reality shows different. In any case, these signs show you’re dealing with a catfish!

Definition catfishing

Before I start, I should explain what a catfish is for those who don’t know. A catfish is someone who pretends to be someone else online. They mostly create a fake profile with someone else’s name and/or photos. Catfishing can be quite harmless. Most of the time, it’s a lonely person who wants to make friends, but is too insecure to use their own photos and/or personal information. Though catfishing can also be very dark. It’s important to listen to your own gut.

  1. The relationship goes pretty quick

A catfish tries to seduce you as quickly as possible. Why? So you trust that person quicker than you normally would. They tell you, after only a few conversations, that they’re in love with you and want a future with you. They say this to be able to manipulate you to get what they want from you.

2. No phone calls or facetime calls

You’ve been chatting for a few weeks now and you want to take it to the next level: (video) calling. Though, he or she doesn’t want this to happen. The most common excuses? No internet connection or a broken camera. A catfish will use every excuse they can think of to continue lying to you.

3. Social media issues

Everyone has a social media account nowadays. So, say your online friend claims to not have one, it’s okay for you to be suspicious about that. Say they don’t use Snapchat, that’s fair. But when they claim to have no Instagram, Twitter of Facebook account either, that’s highly suspicious. Do they give you a username but it shows a photo or two and only 10 followers? That’s a sign that the person is fake.

Woman In Brown Knitted Sweater Using Cellular Phone

4. ‘Beautiful’ stories

They tell wild stories about their previous relationships, their travel experiences and their riches. It’s all manipulation. Be curious when they tell you a story. Ask questions and check if your questions can truly be answered. Otherwise, I’m afraid it’s too good to be true.

5. Asking for money

When you talk with someone online and they ask for money: leave the conversation right away. You barely know this person, they don’t want to video call with you and their stories sound ridiculous. Don’t give them any money and never share your bank account information. No matter which sad story they come up with, don’t believe it. It’s the only thing they want from you. Block that person right away.

6. Your friends are suspicious about them

It’s easier for someone on the outside to have an opinion about a certain situation or a certain someone. So, when you tell your friends about your new lover and they aren’t as enthusiastic as you had hoped, it’s obviously with a reason worth listening to.

7. Your gut says something is wrong

Always listen to your own gut, especially in these situations. When you think there’s something fishy going on, and he or she shows multiple things of this list, it’s clearly for the best to break all contact. Better safe than sorry.

Crop businessman using smartphone while resting on bench with takeaway coffee

Have you ever dealt with a catfish? Or know someone who did?

Love, Deem ❤

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