Review: JBL Tune 500 headphones

Ever since I used headphones and learned that there’s one with Bluetooth, I wanted one really bad. As I travel a lot by train and bus, and in general listen to lots of music while doing my chores, the cord and my phone don’t like each other and often separate whenever I do something. Sadly, such headphones are really expensive. But, then I saw it on sale, actually affordable and from a not too expensive brand with good quality. I’d never buy Beats, as those are ridiculously expensive. But, I got these headphones as a gift from my family and also put some money in. And today, I’m ready to write a review about these awesome headphones!

These are the headphones I bought, if you’re interested in buying them too, after reading this review. In any case, I bought it for

  • €37,99 (in euros) (normally costs €59,99)
  • $44,95 (in dollars) (normally costs $70,99)
  • £35,05 (in pounds) (normally costs £55,35)

I put up the three most used currencies. In any case, it normally costs the price I put after the price I bought it for.

This is what they look like out of the box. The little blue light you see means they’re turned on. I was listening to music while making these photos. I chose the black ones, as they were the most cheap and I just, love black. I think most people know that by now. In any case, let me explain how it works.

So, the blue light indicates it’s on. The small button underneath the blue light (you should be able to see it) is the spot where you turn it on. You press the button for a few seconds until you hear sounds coming from the headphones. Once they’re on, you need to turn your Bluetooth on. The Bluetooth on the headphones will automatically be turned on once you activate it. You search for the given name of the headphones on your device and it connects. It’ll let you know it’s connected through a small sound. Above the blue light, you see three buttons. Plus obviously means to increase the volume, minus means to decrease it. I don’t know what the middle one does to be fair, I haven’t used it yet. If it’s even usable. Otherwise, it’s just there for decoration.

The orange cable is the key to charging these headphones. Now, it came fully charged when I opened the box. And, I’ve still got 70% on battery left. I was a bit sceptical about the 16 hours battery, but it does seem to be the truth. Which I’m very pleased about. It says that each 5 minutes of charging, means 1 hour of battery to use to listen to anything you want. I haven’t charged it yet, so I don’t know if it indeed charges that quick. But seeing as they were right about the 16 hours battery life, so I assume the same goes for the charging.

I picked the on-ear headphones, as I always do whenever I buy headphones. I just prefer them over the over-ear ones. They do feel pretty nice on my ears, pretty soft. I’ve had ones that are hurting my ears after listening for about 2 hours. One thing that does annoy me, is the pretty loud volume it has. I turned it down to its lowest, and it’s still very loud. I know it’s because of the bass, which is by the way so awesome, but as one whose ears are ‘overdeveloped’ in hearing every little sound, it’s really loud. But as I said, the bass is so good, that I just accept it. I just got to pick the ‘not so loud’ songs or put my earbuds in. You know, the ones you wear at concerts. So glad I have them.

I got to be honest, it was so weird to not have a cable anymore. It felt so freeing that I could do the laundry without having to take my phone with me. I could leave it behind in the living room and do my chores upstairs. The Bluetooth connection is that strong. So, for my overall conclusion: I’m very pleased and honestly surprised by how good these headphones are. I was very sceptical as I know some have bad quality, but these ones are just perfect. The only thing that bothers me is that it’s still too loud when you put it on the lowest volume, but if that’s literally the only thing I’d complain about, I’ve got nothing to actually complain about. Do you get what I mean? I therefore really recommend these headphones. They’re super easy to use, feel very comfortable on your ears and have a 16 hour battery life.

I give the JBL Tune 500 headphones, 5 out of 5 stars!

Love, Deem ❤

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