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International paranormal stories from abandoned locations: part 10

Warning: contains topics that may cause an uneased feeling. Advised to not read at night or rather with someone when easily feeling unsettled.

There are many (abandoned) buildings that behold ghost stories, or well, paranormal ones. I’ve always been interested in such stories, including abandoned buildings. Sure, the question will always be the same: are such stories true? Multiple buildings have been visited by paranormal scientists, and they said it was true. I’ve researched multiple stories last year, for no real purpose. In several parts, I’ll be telling all international paranormal stories! Today: the final part!

  1. The Pirate’s House (Savannah, Georgia)
The Pirates' House | Visit Savannah
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It used to be a much visited spot for sailors and others of ‘a rough kind.’ Hijackers were said to make men drunk or give drugs to them, so they could lure them into a tunnel and separate them onto their ships, making their victims their slaves. Many of these guests dating from that era, still seem to visit the place. Entities are seen on the second floor and laughter can be heard. The first floor and basement are the most active, with rearranging chairs and tables in the dining rooms. People report that they feel a sudden wave of cold and sickness whenever they eat here.

2. House Of The Seven Gables (Salem, Massachusetts)

House of the Seven Gables - Wikipedia
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Employees and visitors report many spiritual sightings. Though some believe this house isn’t haunted at all. However, there are many stories that make this house a ‘to be explained further’ haunted one. One visitor once heard a female whispering in his ear, believing it was his girlfriend standing behind him. However, she stood far away from him and hadn’t said a word. Electrical devices and sanitary systems seem to have their own ghosts, as lights turn on and off on their own and taps do the same thing. Shadows and ghosts were seen occasionally, among them a woman who might have been a former owner. And a young boy, playing in the attic.

3. Morris-Jumel Mansion (New York)

2014 Morris-Jumel Mansion from southwest.jpg
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This house was a pre-revolutionary war landmark and was built by a British military officer, who would later feature prominently in the Revolutionary War. It seems as if, combined with the past, the ghosts in this house are restless. Several ghosts were seen throughout the years, most of which seem to stem from the Revolutionary period and the first decades after that. The former owner Eliza Jumel is seen here, in the presence of both her husbands. Among them former vice-president Burr. A Revolutionary War soldier was once said to be stepping out of a painting and numerous ghosts from the house have been seen regularly.

4. Loudoun House (Lexington, Kentucky)

Lexington: 1851 Loudoun House – Kentucky Day Trips
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Two different female entities were seen wearing Victorian clothing. Both were seen at two different locations within the mansion. And whereas normally only human spirits appear, this one also has the ghost of a black cat, repeatedly wandering around throughout the mansion. Voices and soft music are often heard. One of the bedrooms on the top floor repeatedly ‘exhibits’ the smell of a 19th-century perfume.

5. Villisca Axe Murder House (Iowa)

Josiah B. and Sara Moore House - NRHP97001471 - Villisca - Montgomery County - Iowa -10-23-2016.jpg
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At night, when there’s no light or sound, this house has a very different look. The walls protect the identity of the murderer(s) who killed the entire Josiah Moore family and two guests who stayed the night. Footsteps and voices are heard occasionally, just as the sight and sounds of the children. They laugh and cry and tell you to hide. The murder took place on the night of June 9-10 1912. Six members of the Moore family were killed. All victims, among whom six children, had serious head injuries, caused by an axe. The family consisted of parents Josiah (43) and Sarah (39) and their four children: Herman (11), Katherine (10), Boyd (7) and Paul (5). Katherine invited Ina and Lena Stillinger over to their house to have a sleepover. The girls were 8 and 12 years old. Mary Peckham, their neighbour, thought it was quite suspicious that she hadn’t seen any of them outside the house for their daily morning chores. She contacted Ross Moore, Josiah’s brother. He opened the front door with a spare key and entered the house. He opened the guest room and found the bodies of Ina and Lena. The entire family was killed, including the two invited girls. The axe was found in the guest room where they found the Stillinger sisters. Doctors were certain that the murder happened shortly after midnight. The murderer(s) killed the parents first, is what the theory claims. Josiah was hit by the axe more than any other victim, his face so disfigured that his eyes were missing. The murderer(s) then went inside the children’s bedrooms and killed their children. They then went downstairs, went into the guest bedroom and killed the Stillinger sisters. Investigators believed that all victims were asleep, except for Lena Stillinger. They believed she had tried to fight back. She was found across the bed; a defensive wound was discovered on her arm. In addition, Lena was found wearing her nightgown up to her waist and had no underwear. Which could mean that the murderer(s) had attempted to rape the girl.

That’s the last spooky story for now! Which story have you heard before? And which one seems the most ‘creepy’ to you?

Love, Deem ❤

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