I have a new official pen-name!

As you guys know, I’m a book writer and wrote 5 books when I was 14, published them all before I turned 21 with a pen-name I now no longer want to use. It’s internationally seen not working and I also am no longer proud of those books I published so far. As I’m writing three different ones at the moment, three I’m actually proud of, I want to start all over again. Because the book I’ve been working on the most (the one which is done but is being rewritten as we speak) will be published early 2021. Anyway, I’m getting off-topic.

On my Twitter (and with my family and some friends) I went to determine which pen-name I should take. As I told you guys before, in a different post, I want to legally change my name. Sadly, that costs a lot of money and needs an official reason as to why. Now, I do have one, but I don’t know if it’ll be accepted by the court. Until then, I figured, why not use it as my pen-name? And as I want to be named Skylar, I figured: why not use my preferred nickname (when named Skylar) as my first name for my pen-name? Then I started doubting. What would my surname be?

I had several options, most originating from the characters my favourite actor played. Now, they’re normal names that are often used as surnames and are commonly known as surnames as well. So don’t think I’m a freak πŸ˜‰ In any case, it was down to Blake or Lewis. In the end, Skylar/Skye Lewis got a better ring to it. My father said Skylar has syllables (Sky-lar) and then putting Lewis behind, doesn’t sound easy to pronounce. As for Skye, it does. Skye Lewis is one syllable and a surname. And most people voted for it as well, so the decision was officially made.

So, for any book that I’ll publish now (all in English), I’ll be named Skye Lewis. I’ve also made an official new Twitter account for it. As for Instagram, not yet. But I will soon. I’m just very happy with the new pen-name and believe it entirely suits me. If I could choose, I’d definitely take that on as my legal name. So, if there’s a man out there named Lewis as a surname, text me πŸ˜‰

What do you think of Skye Lewis?

Love, Deem ❀

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