The colour tag

I myself am not a fan of colours. I mean, seeing as black isn’t considered an official colour (just as white) I’m stuck with not liking any colour at all. But if I have to choose, I guess red could be a colour I like. In any case: let’s get this tag started shall we?

1. What reminds you of the colour blue?

Definitely water, I think. The bright blue ocean. Then again, I also think about the bright blue eyes of a certain actor I like… Maybe I pick both the ocean and his dreamy blue eyes? I mean, don’t blame me.

2. What does it mean to see ‘red?’

Some say it’s connected to anger, some say it’s connected to love. Weirdly enough, I’ve seen more red in video games and films with gore and blood, than for anger or love. So, I think when you see red, you’re either playing a video game or watching a film xd.

3. What do you think of orange?

I don’t really like it. It mostly means to ‘stop’ at traffic lights before it hits red, and I, therefore, prefer green over orange in that matter. Also, I’ve seen a bit too much orange in my life when football was on. So no, no orange for me.

4. Is yellow bright for you?

Yes, I often find yellow too bright and too ‘on’, if you get what I mean. I sometimes see those very bright, yellow cars and I’m like: oh no, that’s very ugly. It may be easy to find your car back but, no. No yellow for me.

5. Do you associate green with good things?

I mean, green often means you’ve got something correct, or you’re allowed to drive through when you’re waiting at the traffic light. And, nature has a lot of green, with grass and leaves and such. I mean, nature is good. So yes, I do associate it with good things.

6. Is black bad?

NO! My cat is black and I love him till death. And, my clothing style is black. And yes, I’m kind of emo/gothic/punk, but it doesn’t mean that it should always be ‘associated’ with that. And try to remind yourself: black, is NOT bad. Not on humans, not on clothes, not on cats. On nothing. Got it?

7. Do you consider grey to be old?

No, why do we always associate grey with ‘old people’, do you know how rude that is? Just with suits. If you’re not wearing a black one, but a grey one, they consider you ‘old.’ Like, is that really a thing? Grey, to me, just seems like a normal colour on its own.

8. Is pink girly?

Well, I simply hate the colour because I find it too girly, yes. But, I don’t mind any men wearing pink. In fact, I find that men can wear pink just as much as women do. I myself just hate the colour for my own reasons. So for others, no pink isn’t too girly. Even the ‘toughest’ men can wear it in my opinion. For myself, yes, it’s too girly.

9. Does white mean neutral to you?

Well, I mean, most walls are white at first. And most toilets are too. So, maybe it’s kinda neutral yes. Then again, mostly everything gives you a preference for choosing a colour nowadays. Though, most things are either always in black and white. My final answer: yes white means neutral to me.

10. What’s your deepest memory with purple?

I used to have a purple phone case when I was 12 or so. Back then, I liked purple for a month or three. But it quickly turned around to black, as it made me much more comfortable. So, my phone case then turned black as well. But I guess that that’ll be my deepest memory.

11. What does brown remind you of?

Well, I mean, shit? Like, I can’t help but say that first. Sorry for anyone who’s eating while reading this. Otherwise, earth. Maybe I should’ve said earth first. I probably should’ve. Consider the first part not written, okay? 😉

What’s your favourite colour? 

Love, Deem ❤

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