I lost another favourite band

Yes, today isn’t a regular post I’d normally write. Today is me being sad about losing her fourth favourite band/artist. They’re called Walking On Cars. You’ve probably seen them multiple times on my blog, in my favourite of the month, songs lists, concert summaries et cetera. Anyway, let’s begin this post full of sadness.

I had basically just woken up and was sitting on my phone seeing what I had missed while I was asleep. At about 10 ‘o clock in the morning, they announced they’re gonna split after 10 years. They only made 2 albums so far and were working on their third. As a thank you and goodbye, they published the unfinished album with 5 finished songs and one demo. And I’ve been listening to that EP non-stop, like on repeat all day since yesterday. And yes, I’m not afraid to admit that I’ve been crying. I know not many will understand the pain such breakups cost. But they do. At least with me, they do. Why? Because this band was in my top 5 of my favourite bands of all time. This band means/meant so much to me. So many of their songs got me through a lot.

I saw them live twice, thank heavens for that. Last time was last year May. I never knew when I left then, it would be my last time seeing them. Now, I always feel like a burden whenever I film during concerts. But as I was rewatching that concert this morning, I felt happy I did. Because I enjoyed the concert while attending, and now I can continue to watch them while they’re not performing anymore. I can keep the memories. And that helps me to get closure, in a way. But yes, I’m truly heartbroken by their announcement. I know it’s not as hurting as losing Avicii or Chester (from Linkin Park) because of suicide, as they’re just splitting up, but it still hurts. Like a lot. I also lost The Wanted in 2014 and now them. 2020 is really the most awful year ever.

I don’t know why they’re splitting up exactly. They state they all have personal projects going on, but I also believe COVID made them realise something. I don’t know what or why, but it doesn’t matter. It’s sad enough as it is. I just can’t explain how much their music means/meant to me. I will always be remembering those two concerts I went to. And I’ll continue being sad for probably the entire weekend. Music just really means a lot to me, and it goes deeper than I can explain. Again, you might not understand me, and that’s okay. But don’t tell me I’m a poser or exaggerating about this. I feel what I feel, and you may not be a fan as big as I am with music, but just let me be. I’m kind of ‘mourning’ about this news, and all I’m asking is for you to respect that, not to understand. So, be respectful towards me whenever you reply or whatever. Every person deals with such things differently.

But I’ll sure have one more tattoo added to the list. Or, you know, maybe. Not sure yet. We’ll see. For now, I have a temporary one of them to honour them. I wear the beanie and hoodie I bought and am glad I did at the time. Pa, Paul, Sorcha, Evan, thank you for the years of music you provided, for the songs you gave us. Fuck, I’m gonna miss you all so dearly. But I’ll cherish the songs you’ve made. I love you guys with all my heart and will never forget you. Take care with whatever you’ll do, and make us proud. WOC fans forever.

Love, Deem ❤

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