The merchandise tag

It’s time for yet another tag! This one doesn’t exist on the internet (or well, I couldn’t find one that does), so I decided to create my own! It won’t be too long, but I’m still very excited to share the questions and my own answers! And, if you want to answer them too, feel free to do so!

1. Do you have merchandise in your possession?

Oh, yes. I do. Tons actually haha. From clothes to Funkos, to figurines. Even posters and comic books. In all honesty, I could go on and on.

2. Do you spend lots of money on your merchandise?

No, I don’t. Yes, I spend money on what I have so far, but I’m very keen on what I spend. Like, I’m very protective about what I have and not spending too much. I also don’t have that much merchandise. What I shared on my Instagram once, is what I have. A friend of mine has four times the amount of what I have. Just so you can get an image.

3. How many figures/Funkos do you own?

I own 7 Funkos, so that’s not too much, in my opinion. Why I collect them? They’re really fun and remind me of the shows I love or the films I love. I own two figures and one smaller one. And one of the figures was really cheap (as it was on sale) and the other two were gifted to me for my birthday. Same goes for some Funkos. I think the only ones I bought myself, were three and the figurine.

4. What else do you own?

I’ve got some posters from Uncharted and The Last Of Us. Also, the pirate coin from Uncharted 4, the Sic Parvis Magna ring and a Firefly pendant. Other than that, 6 phone cases and some comics. I also got a free photo from the Fotofabriek. Oh, and a Monopoly game of Uncharted.

5. Do you have one completed collection?

I say yes, I do! It’s from the 1917 film. I have a phone case, the cd (with the soundtrack), the DVD, the script and a photograph with autographs. So, I consider that pretty much filled up!

6. As for clothing, what do you have and from what?

I have lots of T-shirts from bands I went to see live, some hats and beanies, two hoodies and some DechartGames merch. I just love wearing them inside, reminding me of the fun I had during a concert.

7. What’s your message to those who disapprove of people spending money on merchandise?

Some find it a waste of money, some find it stupid. Think all you want of it. Some collect stamps, some collect jewellery. Everything you collect mostly costs money. So, let people collect what they want. It’s not your life. You can dislike it, fair enough. But as long as it doesn’t get out of hand, you can just simply let them be.

8. Are you planning on buying more?

Not at the moment, no. Like I said before, I’m saving my money right now. Also, I’m not looking for anything to add. I find it enough for now. So, just to refer back to the previous question, it’s not an addiction to me, for wanting to collect as much as possible. And as long as it isn’t an addiction and causing you to not take care of yourself money-wise, buying some merchandise once a year doesn’t sound too troublemaking to me.

If you own some merchandise, what is it?

Love, Deem ❤

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Image source: Pexels


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