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Typical British slang, phrases and words!

As someone who speaks English, with a British accent, (okay, and Scottish) I, of course, had to write a post about our slang at one point. So, let me tell you something about our most used slangs in Great-Britain. For those who have no clue what it means, I’ll put the explanation/meaning of it underneath!

  • Cock-up: screw up
  • Rubbish: garbage or ‘that’s crap’
  • Blimey: my goodness
  • Gutted: devastated
  • Chuffed: proud
  • Lost the plot: gone crazy
  • Sorted: arranged
  • Hoover: vacuum
  • Kip: sleep or nap
  • Bee’s knees: awesome
  • Dodgy: suspicious
  • Wonky: not right
  • Tad: a little bit
  • Chips: french fries
  • Starkers: naked
  • Plastered: intoxicated
  • Chav: white trash
  • Stag night: bachelor party
  • Ace: cool
  • Plonker: idiot
  • Blighty: Britain
  • Give you a bell: call you
  • Tenner: a ten-pound note
  • Toff: an upper-class person
  • Quid: one pound sterling
  • Nicked: stolen
  • Nutter: crazy person
  • Knackered: tired and exhausted
  • Gobsmacked: amazed
  • Dog’s bollocks: awesome
  • Chap: male or friend
  • Bob’s your uncle: ‘and there it is’
  • Absobloodylutely: yes indeed!
  • Nosh: food
  • Shambles: mess
  • Arse over tit: fall over
  • Dog’s dinner: a mess
  • Bangers: sausage
  • Balls-up: a messed up situation
  • Wazzock: an idiot
  • Legless: extremely drunk
  • Miffed: upset or offended
  • Gobby: being a loud-mouth and/or offensive
  • Collywobbles: a feeling of acute nervousness
  • Tosh: nonsense
  • Minted: to be wealthy
  • Mum: mom
  • Trolley: shopping cart
  • Diary: calendar
  • Mate: pal
  • Nappy: diaper
  • Ring: to phone
  • Potato crisps: potato chips
  • Bloke: a man
  • Bugger all: nothing at all
  • Posh: high-class
  • Trainers: tennis shoes
  • Brilliant: wonderful
  • Fit bird: an attractive woman
  • Fit bloke: an attractive man
  • Loo: bathroom
  • Bum: butt
  • Holiday: vacation
  • Sweets: candy
  • Scrummy: delicious
  • Nice one: messed up
  • Sick: cool
  • Have a gander: look
  • Biscuit: cookie
  • Off-license: liquor store
  • Pram: baby stroller
  • Pub: bar
  • Honking: vomiting
  • Post: mail
  • Blinding: excellent
  • Minging: disgusting
  • Bloody: used for emphasis
  • Wanker: jerk

We’ve got far more British slang/phrases/words, but these were the ones I could think of right off the bat. Which other slangs/phrases/words do you think should be added to this list? Or, needs to be on this list?

Love, Deem ❤

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Image source: Pexels

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