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How to make the perfect braid?

Girls with long hair sometimes want to give themself a braid to get through the day. I did it when I was younger, but I now rather have it up in a ponytail or just hanging loose. Now, a friend of mine named Maddie, short for Madeline wanted to write a post about how to make the perfect braid. As she never leaves her house without a braid. So, she sends me a post and here it is! Get ready for the perfect braid!

1. Brush your hair

Make sure you brush your hair thoroughly. It’ll make it easier for you to ‘slid’ through your hair, making sure you get all the tangles out of your hair. If those stay in, you’ll get an uneven braid.

2. Make sure your hair is dry

Do you want to braid your hair right after you washed it? Take the time to let your hair dry first. Wet hair is much ‘tougher’ and ‘heavier’, meaning the end result will look much more ‘airy.’

3. Use a styling product

Use a styling product for a better grip. That’ll make sure the strands of your hair won’t slip out of your hands.

4. Start tight

Always start with a tight braid. If you start braiding ‘loose’ from the very beginning, chances are your braid won’t stay put. Or well, not stay put nicely.

5. Pull it a bit loose

Once you’re done with the ‘tight braid’, you need to pull it a bit loose for more volume and a messy effect. This ensures that you’ll get a voluminous and wider braid. Instead of a thin, tight one.

6. Pull some strands loose

Pull a few strands of your hair loose around your face, giving your look that beachy effect.

7. Style your look

Style your looks with accessories, like a lovely scrunchie for example.

Do you ever make a braid? Or is your hair not long enough for one?

Love, Deem ❤

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Image source: Pexels

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