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I’ve done this one before, but now I thought: why not turn the questions upside down? Instead of going from 10 to 1, I’m now gonna go from 1 to 10. It might be a little bit harder question wise, but I sure like a challenge. So, let’s go!

1. One thing about myself

Only one instead of 10 things about myself. That’s a hard one. I must say, I’m really infested in World War I and II. Not for fun reasons. I’m just really interested in history and watch all movies that are connected to both wars. I visit lots of places that have been linked to the events of both wars, also to pay my respects to those who fought for our freedom. And if I can recommend one series you should watch Band of Brothers.

2. Two things I like about myself

I definitely am a huge face of my golden heart for those I care about and those I don’t even know (yet). I’m a very caring person and I’m glad I am. The second thing I like about myself is my knowledge and wisdom. Overall being able to be intelligent enough to study on a high level and be able to get good grades.

3. Three things I don’t like about myself

I sometimes struggle with receiving feedback about the work I’ve written. Moreover, because everyone has different likabilities about ways to write something. The second thing has to be that I get frustrated when I die in games. Like, on stream I won’t show. But when not streaming, I get pretty mad when I fail over and over again. And third, that I’m quite the ‘straight forward’, person. Meaning that when someone does me wrong, I get straight in defence mode and am not afraid to say some things. I don’t swear, I stay polite. But I sure have a big mouth. It can also be considered a good thing, as to stand up for yourself. But, you know. If I have to name three things, haha.

4. Four places I like to be

At my own home, safe and sound. Surrounded by my cat and my merchandise. My grandparents’ house, because I love going there. Sadly way less during COVID. Though, if I go there, I surely wear a mask. Amusement parks, as I’m a sucker for rollercoasters and such. And four has got to be at the cinema. I love watching films on a big screen, with good sounds and popcorn.

5. Five ways to win my heart

Be good and kind towards others, love animals to the fullest, love going to concerts/amusement parks, love watching films and overall be gentle, kind and understanding.

6. Six places/countries I want to go (back)

England, number one. I wanna move back so bad. Ireland is by far the second place I’d like to go. Then Scotland, as I love my third accent as a Scottish person. The fourth is definitely Canada, the fifth in Australia and sixth in Egypt.

7. Seven things or people I can’t live without

My cat is for sure on number one. I can’t live without him. Second is the concerts. I have a hard time surviving without going to any concert, but I watch as many as I can on my laptop and just put the volume up. Then, my family, I’d be nothing without my parents and grandparents. The fourth has got to be my friends, both online and in real life. I need my fun outdoors. The fifth is definitely my Playstation. I need my games you know. Sixth will be amusement parks, as I just love the rollercoasters. And seventh is my country England. I can’t live without the existence of that beautiful country.

8. Eight fave songs

Save You by Simple Plan, Anchor by Skillet, Lost by Our Last Night, One More Light by Linkin Park, Nah Sir by Entail of Crow, This Song Saved My Life by Simple Plan, Crazy by Simple Plan, Dark On Me by Starset.

9. Nine wishes

I wish the world to be free of racists, I wish the world to be free of wars, I wish the world to be free of judgemental people, I wish the world to accept the LGBTQIA+ community, I wish my loved ones nothing but health and happiness, I wish the world to be divided equally instead of poor/rich, I wish the world to be free of terrorist attacks, I wish that cancer wouldn’t exist and I wish that people get the help they need when they struggle with their mental health.

10. Ten final words

So, normally this is one final word. That’s quite the hard thing as of right now haha. Ten final words… Let’s see. Happiness, love, health, peace, acceptance, respect, equality, wisdom, beauty and care.

What’s your biggest wish for yourself and the world?

Love, Deem ❤

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