Typical British candy that everyone should try!

Everyone could guess I’d write a post like this someday: candy from my beloved country. I’d be crazy if I wouldn’t write a post about it. Anyway, ever since I started watching those Americans trying typical British candy, I was like: I should write a post about that. So everyone will know what kind of delicious treats we have! Disclaimer: there are obviously way more typical British goodies. I simply decide to stick with these ones for now!

1. Jelly Babies

You’ve had gummy bears, you’ve had Sour Patch kids. But have you had Jelly Babies? ‘Dr. Who’ fans will already be familiar with this one. The soft, sugar-dusted candies are known for their super condensed jelly texture and each colour corresponds to a different flavour!

Jelly Babies | Posted Sweets
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2. Double Decker

Made from crispy cereal and nougatine, it’s crunchy and has marshmallows. Basically, texture heaven. That plus the name (based on the double-decker buses famous in London and elsewhere in the UK) makes this candy bar a typical English goodie.

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3. Flake

A narrow chocolate bar consisting of thin, rough layers of chocolate that “flakes” off when you bite into it. Cadbury Flake has been around since the 1920s and is often used as a topping for ice cream.

Cadbury Flake Bar | Candy Gurus
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4. Maltesers

They come in similar spherical shapes and can easily be eaten by the handful. If you’re not a fan of the malted flavour, this popular British candy probably isn’t for you, but they’re an English classic.

Maltesers, M&Ms and Minstrels are changing – and it's bad news for ...
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5. Wine Gums

Classic gummy bears, but without the bear shape. These fruit gummies just have names based on wine, like port, sherry and champagne. A must-try of classic and popular British candies!

Wine gum - Wikipedia
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6. Aero 

The Aero bar is another British household name. The light texture of this chocolate bar comes from the tiny bubbles of air puffed throughout the candy.

A Caramel Aero is launching in the UK soon | London Evening Standard
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7. Lion

Nestle’s Lion bar is worshipped for its complex texture and flavours. This chocolate bar has chewy caramel spread between layers of the crunchy biscuit with an outer shell of chocolate-covered puffed rice.

Why Have I Never Tried: Lion Bars? | Serious Eats
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8. Sherbet Fountains

It’s a sour-like flavoured sugar, rather than a frozen dessert. It’s a liquorice stick dipped into a tube of sherbet.

Barratt's Sherbet Fountain - The Queen's Pantry
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9. Liquorice Allsorts

Allsorts came about in 1899. The various shapes in the assortment are made of liquorice, sugar, coconut, aniseed jelly, fruit flavourings, and gelatin.  

Liquorice allsorts - Wikipedia
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10. Dairy Milk

You can’t really have a list of popular British candy without talking about Cadbury Dairy Milk. A simple treat, but it’s a solid British classic. Just neat squares of smooth, rich milk chocolate.

Mumsnet war on Cadbury's smaller-sized curved Dairy Milk bars | UK ...
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Which ones have you tried before? And which one really misses, according to you?

Love, Deem ❤

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