It’s a sock tag

Our internet connection has been kinda bad to us, so I didn’t have the tools (called internet on my laptop) to write a nice, long article. So, instead, I’m gonna do a short tag. Better something than nothing, am I right? 😉 And I mean, everyone wears socks. Maybe not now, but in winter they do!

1. Do you wear (happy) coloured socks?

No, I don’t. I don’t like the colours at all. Well, sure some but, not in clothing. It’s really not my style to wear. I only wear white and black socks. Some do look cute, but I’d never buy them myself. And receiving as a gift? No, thank you. I’d rather give them to someone else instead.

2. Your socks drawer consists of…?

As I said earlier, literally only black and white shoes. In different kinds though. I got long ones, sporty ones, normal ones. Just, nothing special. No colours, no prints. Just, plain.

3. If you only own white and black socks, are you thinking about buying coloured ones now?

No, I still wouldn’t buy them. Honestly, it’s simply not made for me. I love my black clothes and therefore appreciate black socks the most. It just simply matches best.

4. Sporty socks or normal socks?

I do prefer normal socks in winter, but wear sporty ones in summer. I do wear socks in summer, as I only wear sneakers. And going in those without socks, ain’t such a good idea. Trust me.

5. What do you think of those who do wear them?

I like it when others wear them. I don’t mind whoever wears whatever kind of socks. I just simply don’t wear them myself. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t like anyone else wearing them.

6. Where do you buy your socks?

Mostly at the market or in sports stores, seeing as I’ve got very big feet. So, I always end up buying male’s socks. Because they actually fit. And you definitely want your socks to fit.

7. What’s your favourite colour?

For socks? Black. White sometimes, but they do get dirty quite easily. Black is just easy, matches everything. No complaints.

8. Do you wear socks often?

Mostly every day. I just don’t like walking around barefoot. Of course, I don’t sleep with socks on. But I do wear them in the house. I just, like it more. Feels more comfortable.

Are you a coloured socks lover? Or like me, plain and old-fashioned?

Love, Deem ❤

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Image source: Pexels


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