A small update from me!

I thought to myself, it has been such a long time since I last wrote an update post. Like, what have I been up to? What has been going on in my life? So, I, therefore, thought: why not do it today? 

I’ve been writing on my book as of lately. Well, both of my books. I’m rewriting my fantasy one, adding stuff and making sentences read nicer (as I was sixteen the first time I wrote it). And a horror one, which I have to fully finish still. But I’m definitely making progress. I put up a poll on my Twitter to ask for a determination of a name for a certain creature, and I hope it’ll finally help me to make the final decision so the poor thing doesn’t go unnamed anymore!

When it comes to streaming, I’ve just hit affiliate! Which means people can actually subscribe to my channel! I had to get 50 followers, 7 unique days of streaming, an average of 3 viewers and stream for 8 hours. I currently have 62 followers, 3.99 viewers and I’ve been streaming for 17.95 hours. So, I’ve done all that! Now I need to do an ‘interview’ before I can become an official affiliate! So, I can’t wait!

I’m still hating the quarantine thing, especially since all my events and concerts are cancelled (and those who were still on, get cancelled as well), but it’s all for a good cause in the end. I just play tons of games, watch films and series and write my book. So yeah, I try to keep myself busy! And of course, do some workouts and go on walks/runs, to not get completely stiff.

And as for my family, everyone is doing well enough. There might be an early case of dementia, but it could very well be something else. Something less scary. Seeing as it’s just a very small thing. So, I’m not too worried about that now. My granddad is doing well, he had some tests and so far, nothing has come out. And my mum is okay as well, considering the circumstances of the virus. Oh, and my dad is just being my dad. Nothing going on with him at the moment. As goes the same for my cat. Just being a healthy, naughty boy who shows his tummy every evening while laying next to me on the couch.

How have you been doing? What have you been up to?

Love, Deem ❤

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