The thoughts everyone has while trying to get your driver’s license!

You’ve gone through it, you’re currently working on it or you still need to start: driving lessons. For one, it’s super easy. For the other, not so much. Everyone learns at their own time and pace. What we do have in common, all of us, are the following thoughts/moments!

1. Very first time equals stress

Of course, it’s very exciting when you get your very first driving lesson. You have no experience whatsoever and everything comes at you like a marathon runner. You start to doubt about literally everything. Where’s the clutch pedal? Am I speed driving? How does my flashing light work again? Why does the motor turn off so fast?

2. Annoying driving instructor

I mean, sure he/she is there to learn you something, but it starts to get annoying when you hear the exact same thing over and over again. Please, let me do my thing and prove myself! I did listen you know!

3. ‘Too easy’

Everyone thinks driving a car is the easiest thing ever. It can’t be that hard, is their first thought. After all, you cycle through the city literally every day. And you come across trams, busses, scooters and even pedestrians!

4. Bye-bye shop addiction

Let’s be honest, it’s the perfect way to stop that shop addiction you’ve got going on. There’s simply enough no more money for it. You know, since you’ve got to pay for the lessons, theory and exam and all.

5. Respecting the driving instructor

So, you start to realize that you can’t do this without your driving instructor sitting next to you. He knows you well and tells you what your pitfalls are.

6. McDrive ride

When your driving instructor proposes to take a drive through the McDrive, you find it amazing at first. But later on, you’re like: every minute is very valuable, you know? I paid top money for this lesson?

7. Turning on the wrong thing

Your instructor asks you to turn on the air conditioning, but you turn the radio on instead. Oops.

8. Exam time

The week before your exam is literally killing you. Why? Because your anxiety/stress is through the roof.

9. Final drive

The final drive before your exam is literally the worst. Everything goes wrong and you start to believe you might fail miserably.

10. Hard-reading examiner

Great, just your luck. You get a ‘not so happy looking’ examiner on your first exam. He/she is so hard to read. Their poker face is amazingly neutral. So, you’ve literally got no clue whether you did great or not.

11. Successful, or not?

The moment of truth has arrived: were you successful or not? Because when you were, it’s probably your best day ever. And if you failed, it’s okay. There will be another time!

Do you have your driver’s license already? Or are you taking driving lessons as we speak?

Love, Deem ❤

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