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Tips and tricks to get rid of your mosquito bites!

Happy birthday dear dad. I love you lots! ❤

Most people love summer (I’m not one of them), but there’s always one disadvantage: mosquito bites. If you’ve got one, I’ve got some tips for you to get rid of them! No more itching and scratching!


It may not be the first thing you think of, but honey is filled with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory constituents. An extra advantage: it’s very sticky, so you won’t get the urge to scratch. Sounds like a win-win to me!


Normally, you put ice on a bump to reduce the swelling. But, technically, so is a mosquito bite. It’s a wonderful tool to feel relieved, sadly only temporarily. Be aware: don’t put ice on the mosquito bite for longer than five minutes. Why? Because you might damage your skin when you do.


I can hear you think and wonder: did she really say oatmeal? Yes, I did. It’s filled with constituents that help against irritations and such. Mix it with a small amount of water, grab a washing cloth to get it onto your skin and let the magic happen.


It may sound weird and nasty, but an onion takes care of reducing the irritations and such. And also makes sure that the bite won’t get infected. Which is the last thing you want to happen, trust me.

Baking soda

Mix some baking soda with water (until it shows a pasta-like substance) and apply it to your mosquito bites. Keep it there for about ten minutes and wash it off. It’ll reduce the itching!

Aloe vera

You’ve certainly heard about this one before. Most use it when they got a sunburn, but it’s also very useful for your mosquito bites. It ensures that minor wounds and infections are reduced.

Which other ingredients do you apply on mosquito bites that can be added to this list?

Love, Deem ❤

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