Useless things/actions literally everyone does!

Everyone has weird habits, even I do. But, some things are inexplicable and are things literally everyone does. To let you know that you’re not the only one, I’ve made a post which will open your eyes like: ‘wait, I do that too!’ 

1. Looking at your phone to check the time. You see a notification and after replying, put your phone back in your pocket. Wait, what time was it? Oh, you actually forgot to check it…

2. You press the traffic light button one too many times. Why? Because you hope that it’ll make a difference in turning green quicker. So, I hate to be the one to tell you that it doesn’t work like that…

3. You saw ‘ow’ before you’re even hurt. Or like, without even getting hurt. Logic, hello? Where you at?

4. We put our Spotify playlist on shuffle. Why, no idea. But once it’s on shuffle, we still skip songs. Just because we want to and because we can.

5. When using your calculator, you make sure to press ‘c’ enough times to erase the previous calculation. You know, just in case.

6. Push the button in the lift before the doors close. You know, maybe they’ll close quickly when you do. Who knows. Okay, maybe not.

7. Checking our Instagram multiple times a day. Maybe even ten times in one hour. You know, imagine you missing something.

8. Starting to panic when you realize that you’ve lost your sunglasses. Which isn’t necessary honestly, because it’s literally on top of your head or hanging on your shirt. Oops?

9. Or you’ve lost your keys, while they’re literally in your pocket or in your hand…

10. When you’re working on your computer, and you have to save your essay, you make sure to do that at least three times. You know, just in case.

11. You lock the car door and pull it, just to make sure it’s indeed fully closed. Again, just in case.

12. You try to keep your pee in because you don’t want to go to a public toilet. You try to wait for it to stop, but it doesn’t. It actually makes it worse.

13. A, b, c, d, e… Everyone does this, to determine which letter comes after the one before that.

14. Do you have a driver’s license? Then you might be one of those people who turn the radio volume down whenever they try to traffic park. You know, that might do the trick.

15. You talk to your pet with some sort of baby voice. It might help to let them listen to you.

16. You want to eat something, open the fridge and stare at the things you have. You then close it without grabbing something. About 30 minutes later, you walk back and open the fridge again. I’m sure there’s nothing new that just magically appeared in there.

17. You went grocery shopping and come back with more stuff than you need. Why? Because it was cheap! You know, bonus features and all.

18. And the previous one has the same effect on sales while shopping.

19. Someone is talking to you without you actually paying attention. Or maybe you did, but you automatically reply with: ‘sorry, what did you say?’

20. You want to tell something, but decide to take a bite first and swallow it. Then the other asks what you wanted to tell, and you have to admit that you already forgot what it was.

21. You check your phone every two minutes. You know, you might have a message you didn’t hear. Okay, maybe you’re addicted…

Which one(s) sound familiar to you?

Love, Deem ❤

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