What does your phone background say about you?

Everyone has a phone background (I mean, it’s kinda weird if you wouldn’t have one. Whether it’s a completely black screen or has a cute photo, a background is a background. Anyway, did you know that your background says something about you? No? Well, you will in a minute!

A photo of your lover/crush

You’re madly in love with a friend, your biggest crush even. Some might bully you with it, some might find it creepy. But you know what? Ignore them! I mean, as long as you don’t have any wrong intentions with it, then there’s no harm in having it as your background! It’s cute!

A photo of you and your friends

You’re a very social person and never say no to a party. Your group of friends is, without a doubt, the best there is! You’d like to keep those memories close to you. So, whenever you look at your phone, you’ll be remembered by how amazing that moment was!

A photo of your pet

No lover, no friends for you. No, it’s your beloved pet showing off its cuteness on your background. Everyone may know that your cat, dog or other pet is the cutest of them all. People who do this, often create an Instagram page for their pet as well.

A selfie

It might be considered a little crazy or weird when people put themselves on their own background. But when you’re extremely proud of one, why not show it? A little bit of arrogance never killed anybody πŸ˜‰

A basic background

You’re quite a busy gal, doing hundreds of things at the same time. You get many notifications, so you need a neutral background. Easy, simple and full of peace. Exactly what that chaotic mind needs.

Your celebrity crush

Surely most people had posters above their bed (some still do). However, if you don’t want to show it right away, whenever someone enters your room, you can start with your phone background. What this says about you? Not much actually, just that you’re a fan. But make sure to not go any further, you know. Keep it classic and casual.

A holiday photo

Sun, sea and the beach on your background? You want to keep the memories about that one amazing vacation, especially on the hard days like we have now. You just want to pretend as if everything is just as normal as it was back then, during that one vacation.

A quote

A reminder for yourself, about self-love, to enjoy life, to work hard. It never hurts anybody to put a quote as a background. You’re mostly positive and inspire people to do the same. You’ve got a golden and caring heart and put that to good use.

And, what’s your background?

Love, Deem ❀

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Images source: Pexels

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