Are you addicted to coffee? Here’s a checklist!

A lot of people I know drink coffee. I myself don’t. But that’s not what this article is about. It’s some sort of checklist for those who drink coffee, to see if they’re addicted or not. So, if you’re sure you’re willing to find out: let’s go!

1. You’re unable to have a conversation in the early morning without drinking at least one cup of coffee. And as long as you haven’t had one: don’t talk to me until I do!

2. You need your coffee and you need it right now. Luckily there’s a Starbucks on almost every corner; you’re saved. Oh and while you’re at it, why not take an Instagram picture or make a story about it? Or send a Snapchat, just as fun.

3. You’ve just finished your first coffee, and are already planning your second. Your entire day is filled with timestamps of when to get coffee and how much money to bring. Oh, and to determine where to get one, of course.

4. While in summer, you sometimes find it a bit too hot to drink any coffee. But you can’t go without any. Luckily Starbucks has many solutions to still drink coffee in the summer. Frappuccinos for example!

5. You’re easily offended when someone doesn’t share your love for coffee. You can barely believe someone doesn’t like coffee and doesn’t drink it at all. It’s heaven on earth! No, it isn’t bitter! It’s really worth trying. Please, don’t break my heart!

6. You order a cup of coffee and are quite disappointed to find it not fully filled till the top. Come on, it’s already such a small cup. At least fill it all up!

7. You’ve just had dinner, but you already need a cup of coffee. It’s your daily thing. One cup after dinner before you head to bed. Never hurts anybody, right?

8. Whenever your friends ask you what you want to drink, your first answer is coffee. And when they ask you where you want to go, you yell Starbucks! You live for coffee. Literally. 24/7.

9. You’ve bought yourself a coffee canteen/travel mug to keep your coffee nice and warm. And to make sure you’ll never fail to have any with you. Imagine you get stuck somewhere and not having any coffee around… That’d be a true disaster!

Do you drink coffee? If so, would you say you’re addicted or not?

Love, Deem ❤

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44 thoughts on “Are you addicted to coffee? Here’s a checklist!

      1. I recall one day where I had 5 cups of regular coffee and had a night of sleeplessness as a result. As an end result, I had a serious argument with myself about that.

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    1. Musicgirlandwriter, Creabeaatjle34 and Mijnverhaal130, I am not too picky about the coffee in general. Having said that, if I find a coffee that just does not work for me, I look for other options.

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      1. I like most types of coffee. The only type I would decline is that which has alcohol in it or something that my stomach does not seem to like very much otherwise.


    1. Lisa Muziek, I am not too picky about the coffee I drink. Some types just do not appeal to me because of the name. Some just don’t work for me because my stomach does not tolerate said coffee very well.

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  1. The mornings are too early to not have coffee, and more coffee to start the day. I stop until I have one more after I hit the mid-afternoon wall. And maybe another after it hits me back. Thanks!

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