Candies that got ‘discontinued’, which most people truly miss

Everyone loves candy. Whether it’s sweet, sour, bitter or salty, everyone has one type of candy they’ll love for life. And, of course, there are the ones we remember all too well from our childhood. So, I thought: why not take a memory trip to candies people used to eat when they were younger? 

1. Garbage Can-dy

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Remember the little garbage bins that came in many colours and fit perfectly into child-sized hands? If you lifted the top of the bin, you saw your treats inside. Waiting for you to eat them. They were shaped like garbage. Bottles and fish bones.

2. Wonderball

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The Wonderball was a chocolate ball that contained a small toy on the inside. They were originally called Nestlé Magic Balls. Usually, a familiar cartoon character was used, either Disney or Pokémon.

3. Hubba Bubba Squeeze Pop

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They came in little bottles, almost like the small travel size toothpaste. Being a kid you had to squirt the tube into your mouth to eat it. This candy would coat your teeth in sugar. Remember how it would make your mouth change colour?

4. Bonkers

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Bonkers was notable because of its commercials which featured boring people who were then literally ‘bonked’ out by the flavour of the candy. Giant fruit fell from the sky and landed on their heads. So the commercial stated: you’ll be floored by the flavour. You’ll be banked out by Bonkers.

5. Milkshake Chocolate Bar

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It’s mainly made from milk chocolate, caramel and nougat (which was malted). Apparently, if you put this chocolate bar into the freezer you could enjoy it cold on hot summer days.

6. Chiclets

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No Halloween looting was ever complete without boxes upon boxes of Chiclets. Many people will remember the two-piece pack.

Which candy do you miss from your childhood?

Love, Deem ❤

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