Which name suits my personality, according to online tests?

As most readers know, I really dislike my name. Even so far, I’d really like to change it someday. Sadly, that costs a lot of money and isn’t done easily. You need a proper reason as to why you want to change your name. Well, I have. But until then, I figured: why not try some of those online tests for fun, see what they think my name should be. So, let’s see what the answers are.

You’re very normal. Maybe your real name is John, Alessandro or Harris, but forget that: you’re a Chris. That’s because people named Chris are as common and wholesome as maple trees. In fact, Chris is the most salt of the earth name we can think of! If we’re having a party, you’re invited. If we’re picking people for our sports team, you’re going to be one of our first choices. You can always count on a Chris to show up and act right. Sure, we might have to nickname you Chris P. or Chris L, but we see you and appreciate you for the fun, low-maintenance person you are.

Your name should be Zooey!

You’re more of the Tom Boy. A name like Taylah, Ashley, Megan, Makayla, Miley, Kayla, Chloe, Sarah, Kaysie or Zoe.

Maybe we should go with something like Ashley, very kind and considerate of others.

Taylor seems like a very plain name, but it’s actually getting rarer. It also is perfect for both a boy or a girl. It is universal and best of all you will rarely ever get asked how to spell it or pronounce it!

You got: Emily!

Ridley, Harper, Skylar or Aralyn. You are bold, free-spirited and practical and consider yourself a nonconformist. You like names that are trendy, but not ridiculous sounding and you don’t mind names that sound a bit unisex. Good middle names with these names are Valentina, Rarity, Miranda or Rosalee.

My opinion

To be very honest, I do like a few I got. Only Zoe (with variations) and Ashley were at the end results twice. Honestly, I don’t really like both. Though, which ones I do like, are Chris, Kaysie or Skylar. I must say, Skylar, sounds the most appealing to me. I don’t exactly know why. But it’s got a nice ring to it. Chris may be too manly, for some. Kaysie was already in my consideration list (but as Casey) and Skylar was one I also thought about. At first, I thought about Skye, but Skylar does work too.

If you had to pick any of these names for me, which one do you think fits me best? And would you want to change your name? If so, what would it be?

Love, Deem ❤

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30 thoughts on “Which name suits my personality, according to online tests?

  1. I love this post. According to the test that I took just now, my name should be: Clarissa, Jasmine, Tiffany or Amy..

    I don’t know why it gave me these names but if I HAVE to choose, I’d rather be an Amy since I’ve lived long enough bearing such a long name…

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      1. I wanted to say Tiffany initially, then I kept singing the song “I think we’re alone now” — i told myself, nah, it isn’t a good idea for me to be a tiffany 🤣🤣🤣🤣

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh yeah! I was so happy hearing it play in TUA. My husband was like, how did u know that song? (Being that I dont know much from the new songs) little did he know that it was Tiffany’s song early 90s i guess hahaha

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yeah, i know the feeling 😂😂😂 my husband was complaining about it yesterday about announcing its gonna come in July but 31st lol…

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