The things we do with our dogs that they secretly hate

You love your dog more than anything in the world if you have one. I mean, why wouldn’t you if you choose to adopt one? Anyway, people hug their dogs, give them treats and go for walks. Basic stuff, right? Well, did you know that they dislike some of those normal daily things? Let’s take a look!

1. Your words aren’t matching your body language

Most dogs know words like ‘sit’, ‘lie down’ or ‘stay.’ But what he follows are the movements you perform while saying those words. They try to understand by looking at you. Every small muscle you move is seen by them and they read your mood right away. So, when you say ‘stay’ while walking over to them, they don’t understand you and get confused. You need to walk away immediately so they know they need to stay behind.

2. Hugging your dog

People like hugs, but dogs don’t. Well, they do accept the ones from their owner, knowing it’s their way of finding affection. But the best way to show your love is by petting them or to lean against them (softly though). When you touch them like that, a certain happiness hormone frees itself. Which is the same kind of hormone we feel whenever we hug someone.

3. Petting the head

Petting a dog straight on his head is a real no go. They really don’t like it. They see it as a threat. Again, they do accept it from their owner, but they might pull away. When you want to pet an unknown dog, you should let it sniff your hand first. That’s kind of your identity card to them.

4. Look straight into their eyes

Well, this actually only goes for dogs you don’t know. Because you’re allowed to look into your own dog’s eyes. But, the reason why they don’t like it, is because they see it as a direct threat.

5. No structure and rules

Just like us, a dog needs structure and rules. So, be clear and consequent in what he can and can’t do. Rules make it easier for you and for your pet to not get confused. If you allow your dog to sit on your couch, for example, be aware that they’ll do the exact same thing when they’re wet from their walk.

6. Don’t force your dog to play with other dogs

We do love our network and socializing skills, but dogs aren’t the same. Some hate it, in fact. Just like some human beings. Not all dogs love playing with other dogs. So, don’t force them to. It can cause your dog to show unwanted behaviour. If your dog is a lone wolf, support him or her in it and keep other dogs on a safe distance.

7. Tight leash

Of course, your dog isn’t allowed to walk freely everywhere, but it’s not good to keep your dog too close with the leash. When he tries to get loose, he might end up hurting his neck with the collar. His thyroid is situated there. So, make sure to teach him/her to walk next to you and do not hold the leash too tight.

8. Teasing your dog

Of course, it’s okay to ‘tease’ your dog a bit while playing. You might not throw the ball away while you make the movement of throwing it. But poking your dog until he gets annoyed isn’t a good idea. Some might get aggressive because of it.

9. Not allowed to smell things

A dog’s nose tells him/her a lot. It’s important for their mental health to let him/her use his/her nose. Don’t pull your dog away every two seconds while they’re smelling something during your walk. Give your dog some time to explore.

10. Be too busy

A dog needs peace in his busy head. If he doesn’t get enough peace, he’ll get really stressed. A puppy needs 18-20 hours of rest with as fewer incentives as possible. A grown-up dog needs 14-16 hours. Try to find a balance between playing with your dog for the needed ‘challenge’ and give him/her the needed rest afterwards.

11. Dress your dog

It may look cute, but dogs are really stressed when you dress them up. It’s mostly uncomfortable and too warm. When it’s functional, for example, a jacket on cold days for short-haired dogs, it won’t be much of a problem.

Do you have a dog? If so, do you recognize any dislikes from this list?

Love, Deem ❤

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14 thoughts on “The things we do with our dogs that they secretly hate

  1. Agree with you on 99% of your article. I have never tried to dress my dog , it seems to me that the dog will be inconfortable with the vest.
    Are you tired to dress him / her ?

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