The fan tag

Everyone is a fan of something, from books to films, games to music. You name it. As most of you know, I’m a fan of many things. This tag was, therefore, calling me to be answered. So, let’s begin!

1. I’m a fan of this film:

1917. I’ve seen it 10 times so far this year. It came out in January, so you can imagine I’ve literally been ‘binge-watching’ it haha. But no seriously, I really love this film. It’s my favourite war film so far. Before that one, it was always Hacksaw Ridge. But ever since I saw 1917… sorry Hacksaw.

2. I’m a fan of this artist:

An artist on its own? Oh my, I must say I’m really more into bands. But if I have to choose, I do really like Post Malone’s music recently. I’m not an all-time fan or anything, but I currently really vibe with his music.

3. I’m a fan of this band:

Simple Plan will always be my number one because they were the first band I ever discovered. I’d be nowhere if I didn’t know they existed. They’ve helped me through so many times. I dedicated a post to them last week, so you can tell I’m definitely a huge fan.

4. I’m a fan of this celebrity:

George MacKay, the actor from 1917. Ever since I discovered him in that film, I started watching the ones I hadn’t seen before. And his acting is marvellous. But the man himself is so modest, old-fashioned and normal. He literally doesn’t act famous. He’s so respectful and kind. I’ve never seen anything like it.

5. I’m a fan of this game:

Can I pick a franchise? Because that’s obviously Uncharted. I must say, Batman Telltale is a very close second. but Uncharted will always be the one for me. I love all games that are a part of this franchise and will always love these games.

6. I’m a fan of this series:

The Umbrella Academy. I know there’s only one season but, the second is coming real soon (at the end of this month). I’ve been waiting so long for a second season and I can’t wait to finally go watch it!

7. I’m a fan of this food:

Pizza, obviously haha. I love pizza so much. Italian is by far my favourite type of kitchen out there. I do love pasta but pizza… It’s heaven.

8. I’m a fan of this animal:

I love wolves, like a lot. At least for real existing animals. But when I look at mythical ones, I love dragons. They’re so unique and so charming! Both are! I know many people are afraid of both, but I ain’t.

9. I’m a fan of this country:

Obviously England. I wanna move back there and live my life in the country I belong in. I really miss being in England and am gutted I can’t visit it this year, due to the virus.

10. I’m a fan of this cartoon:

Avatar The Last Airbender. It was the thing I watched so much when I was a teenager. I was so invested in all three seasons. I even watched a little bit of the new one, but I’ll always stay true to Aang and his friends.

11. I’m a fan of this sport:

Oh no! You make me choose?! Damn… Well, I do love skateboarding… But I think I have to pick boxing. Or like, martial arts in its whole. I just love that so much. Every single sport included in martial arts. It’s really my thing.

12. I’m a fan of this YouTuber:

Does a Twitch streamer count too? Or well, they do publish their videos/games to YouTube, so… Obviously Dechart Games a.k.a. Bryan Dechart and Amelia Rose Blaire. I mean, they’re my community. Everyone in that community is my second family. It’d be weird not to pick them.

If you’d have to answer those questions, what would your answers be?

Love, Deem ❤

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14 thoughts on “The fan tag

  1. Ik kan niet op alles een antwoord geven.
    7. als het maar spaakt dan eet ik alles behalve kaas.
    8. bruine beer en mijn lieve viervoeter die hier thuis rond loopt.
    11. net als u gevechtsport is top 1 bij me. Ik heb het jaren zelf gedaan op semi professioneel vlak.

    Aum Shanthi

    Liked by 1 person

  2. film: The Greatest Showman
    artist: Ariana Grande
    band: Little Mix
    celebrity: Ariana Grande
    game: Animal Crossing
    series: Pretty Little Liars
    food: Pasta
    animal: Cat
    country: France
    cartoon: Spongebob xd
    sport: Dancing
    youtuber: Jacksepticeye

    Liked by 1 person

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