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Give your clothes a second chance with these tips!

Are your clothes in desperate need of an upgrade and are you out of money? No worries: I’ve got tips for you to recycle your old clothing into new, trendy ones. You don’t need many items and they’re easy to make! A friend of mine works with clothes and therefore has some tips for you! So, thank you, Nina, and let’s begin! 

1. Shirt -> Crop top

Use a marker to mark the length of the top when you’re wearing it (don’t do it blindly). Use textile scissors to cut the shirt. And if you want: you can also adjust the neckline of a shirt. Also, this trick works perfectly well with sweaters too!

2. Trousers -> Shorts

Make sure that you won’t cut the trouser legs too high; otherwise your short will be too short. Be sure to wear the trousers before you cut anything and use a marker to determine the wished length. Use textile scissors to cut your trousers into shorts.

3. Dress -> Matching outfit

Take a dress with enough space to shorten it (you need some extra length for the waistband). Wear it before you do anything and use a marker to determine the length of the top. Cut the bottom part of the dress. When you’ve done that, take the bottom of the dress and fold it inside out. Now, fold over one of the edges (as you’ll make a waistband out of this) and use textile glue to make sure it’s entirely glued around. But, keep a hole at both ends. Now you’ll thread a piece of elastic through a safety pin. Measure the elastic on your waist and thread it through the skirt. Fasten the ends together (with a safety pin, needle and thread or glue) and fold the skirt back to its previous state.

4. Tie-dye clothes

Take a shirt you barely wear (or sweater/dress/trousers) and take some paint in a favoured colour. Grab some rubber bands and put your piece of clothing on the ground. Use something underneath to cover the floor with and crumple it piece by piece. Attach a rubber band around a bundle to keep all folds in place. Make sure to paint a tiny bit of the piece of clothing before you start to paint the entire piece. Put it in a sealed bag for about four hours and rinse out any excess paint.

5. Faux crop top

If you’ve got a shirt that’s too long with the fear of ruining it when cutting, you can turn it into a faux crop top. The only thing you need to do is putting it underneath your bra. Then you can adjust the length to make it as short as you want.

Have you ever ‘recycled’ your own clothes?

Love, Deem ❤

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