The things you recognize when you’re wearing a ponytail all the time!

I myself have pretty long hair, which makes it sometimes annoying to let it all loose. You know, because of those zippers and other weird ways that your hair gets stuck. Anyway, I decided to write this post about ponytails, because I wear my hair in a ponytail all the time when I go somewhere. I don’t always do that at home though, but still, a lot. So, without further ado: let’s begin!

1. You’ve got those spare hair ties in your bag, like literally all the time. You never leave your home without some spares. You also keep them in your jacket/coat and around your wrist. Why? Well, they break very easy you know!

2. You decide to let your hair loose for once since you’re at home. But because you’re so used to it, you’d rather put your ponytail straight back in and keep it there. It just feels very weird that you’ve got no ponytail in your neck.

3. The most annoying thing about those hair ties is when they won’t go around your hair three times. I mean, only two times is way too loose… But your hair is so thick, that you’d risk destroying it. Oh well, two times it is then.

4. You don’t understand those who style their hair for many hours while you can be done within seconds: by putting your hair in a ponytail. Besides, getting curls in your very long hair is pointless anyway: it looks horrible.

5. As soon as you show up with your hair loose, people start complimenting you as if you’ve had a makeover. To you, it doesn’t look any different. But to them, you look like an entirely new person.

6. The disadvantage of wearing your hair in a ponytail is the chance of having those tiny strands of your hair hanging loose. And they never stay seated! So annoying! There are many tips out there to prevent that, but I myself mostly just deal with it.

7. You’ve barely got any hairstyling products. Why would you waste your money on those cremes and hairsprays? You don’t even use any of those things. It’s literally only brushing and trying to get your hair into a ponytail. And you’re already done.

8. When your hair gets greasy, you can simply wear it in a ponytail and do nothing about it. Sure, you add some dry shampoo to it, but that’s about it. It’s so easy that your ponytail covers it all!

9. Your room is covered in hair ties. Some are nice to use, some aren’t. And you know exactly which ones you’d rather throw away and which ones you’d rather use 24/7. But, you can also consider taking the annoying ones with you to give to someone else in need 😉

Are you a ponytail person? Or do you let it loose? Or, are you a short-haired one?

Love, Deem ❤

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Image source: Pexels


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