All the ins and outs on sunscreen and what’s important to know!

Summer is getting closer. Actually, it has already arrived. And no one can deny that the sun is getting hotter and hotter each year. To an extent that it’s really important to take care of your skin and protect it in the best way possible! 

Basic tips

  • Go all the way and apply a lot of sunscreen. Don’t be frugal. Your skin needs a layer of protection to avoid getting sunburnt. So, you should use a minimum of SPF 30 before entering the sun. SPF means Sun Protection Factor. It tells to what extent the sunscreen will protect from harmful UV rays.
  • Keep applying that sunscreen! When you use SPF 30, you’re protected for about 300 minutes (5 hours). When you use SPF 50, you’re protected for about 500 minutes (8 hours) and so on. But, it doesn’t mean that you’re protected for the entire day. Which is why you should apply it often. Say, every 2-3 hours at least.
  • You might not think it’s possible, but it is. Sunscreen has an expiration date. Be sure to check it before you apply it and buy a new flacon occasionally.

Which sunscreen for which skin?

  • Light skin: SPF 50. You burn quite quickly and getting a tan… No way. Your skin isn’t the only light tone you own. You also have freckles and either red or light blonde hair.
  • Medium skin: SPF 30. You don’t burn that quick. Actually: your skin does take a tan when the summer starts. Though, you can never go wrong with some sunscreen protection.
  • Dark skin: SPF 15. Your skin is naturally darkened and getting sunburnt isn’t even written in your dictionary. Besides that, you also have dark hair and eyes. Though, better safe than sorry to use some sunscreen!

How to apply?

  • Sun protection is always the final step in your skincare routine. It means that you apply a product with SPF after your serum or creme. Unless your creme contains SPF. After that, you can apply your makeup. Be sure to give the sunscreen some time to fully enter your skin before you apply anything else.
  • If you want to add an extra layer of protection, you should use an antioxidant-rich serum with your SPF product. Add it before applying the sunscreen. It protects your skin against air pollution and other damage caused on the outside.
  • Apply the sunscreen on all skin that’s exposed to the sun. Don’t forget the top of your ears and the delicate skin around your eyes!
  • When you’ve applied the sunscreen, give the creme some time to enter your skin before getting dressed. It prevents a new layer of sunscreen and stains in your clothes.

Extra warnings

  • UV rays can go through the glass when you’re inside. So, don’t think you’re safe to sit in the sun while sitting inside. You can burn just as quick.
  • The more you covered your skin in impenetrable clothing, the less sunscreen you need to apply. Wear for example UV protective clothing! Because clothes alone won’t always protect you!
  • If you get the feeling that the applied amount of sunscreen feels heavy on your skin, then you should apply layers of other products including SPF. Such as day creme, foundation and compact powder.
  • If you want to protect your skin to the fullest, it’s important to wear sunscreen every day throughout the summer. Yes, even when it rains.
  • Use a day creme that contains a sun filter and moisturizing and skin-repairing substances. This means you no longer have to use a separate moisturizing creme.
  • When the SPF of the day creme has a minimum of 30 and the product actively protects against UV rays, it should be just as effective as a normal sunscreen. A day creme contains more useful ingredients than sunscreen does, such as antioxidants and skin-repairing substances.

What does your skin do and need during the summer?

Love, Deem ❤

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