The things every child did on a road trip in the backseat of the car!

Do you remember the good old days that you went for a family vacation or fun day off? And of course, you went by car. Honestly, even school days go by faster. I bet most of you did these things/played these games while being young. Not including the game of asking ‘Are we there yet?’ ๐Ÿ˜‰

1. ‘I’m going on a trip and take with me…’ The game you played tons of times. It’s all about remembering what someone puts in their suitcase, as another one adds something different to it. ‘Sunscreen, towel, shampoo, phone…’

2. ‘I see I see what you don’t see…’ You take an object in mind and let them ask you questions that you can answer with yes or no. Just as long until someone guesses it right.

3. Try to stay awake for as long as possible. It’s hard, seeing as your neck starts to move back up and down.

4. The best days were when you could listen to your walkman/Discman. Am I the only missing those lovely devices? The only annoying thing: the battery.

5. Guessing where a car comes from. It’s a different looking licence plate and everyone starts guessing. But trust me, not every P is originating from Portugal while being in Poland. And you keep going until you’ve guessed every country in Europe.

6. Think about three male’s name or women’s name when you see the letters on the license plate. And you get bonus points for every unique name you say.

7. Every time you passed a bridge or ‘bump’ in the road, sometimes even a sharp turn, you feel like you’re in a rollercoaster. So, let’s act like we’re in one! Hands in the air!

8. Holding your breath while driving in a tunnel. And no cheating by breathing through your nose! Put your hands over your mouth and nose and see who wins!

9. Slapping each other when a yellow car passes by… Who doesn’t still suffer from red cheeks? I do! (No, I’m kidding).

10. Guessing the car’s brand before they pass by or when they’re passing by. Let’s see who guesses first! Who keeps track of the points? Bonus points for the model’s name!

11. Counting lorry’s on the highway is always a good thing to do! Let’s see how many you can count before you arrive at your final destination.

12. Waving at people driving by. Let’s see who waves back at you! Hello stranger, nice meeting you! Drive safe!

13. Making little waves with your hands while letting your hand hang out of the open window. Feel the breeze and ‘surf’ the waves dude!

14. Or, if you had the luxury of owning one: playing games on your Gameboy for an endless amount of time. But again: STUPID BATTERY!

What did you do in the backseat of the car while you were a child?ย 

Love, Deem โค

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24 thoughts on “The things every child did on a road trip in the backseat of the car!

  1. When I was small (in the early ’90s) we always listened to audiotapes with the Grim brothers’ fairtytales, when we made longdistance trips. So I knows those stories by heart, now almost two decades later.

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