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Tips for your very first festival!

I know every festival has been cancelled this year. But I like to believe that some will hopefully happen later in the year, or perhaps still at the end of summer. Plus, I’ve been dying to write this post. So, I’m gonna do it anyway. There’s not an end date on a subject like this! πŸ˜‰

1. Don’t take too many clothes

In contrast to going on a holiday, you don’t need ten outfits during a festival. One outfit a day is enough. But if you want to be sure, be sure to bring a spare outfit with you!

2. Wear layers

You don’t have to take tens of outfits with you, but make sure you pack enough layers. What I mean? Well, it’s pretty warm during the day, but will quickly cool down at night. It’ll get cold even. So, be sure to pack some warm clothing!

3. Make your tent stand out

Chances are that some other guests will have the same tent as you and your friends. So, make sure that you’ll give your sleeping spot something extra! For example a ribbon!

4. Don’t take valuable stuff

Be sure to leave your expensive sunglasses, a valuable ring and for those who use it, valuable makeup at home. Believe it or not, but losing your stuff is quite easy on a field that big. And don’t forget about those who try to rob you.

5. Take power banks with you

You’ll thank me later when I say this: take lots of them with you. You’ll need them when you film songs and take tons of photos.

6. Sunscreen lotion

It’s very important to prevent your body from burning. So, while also taking a power bank with you, you should definitely take sunscreen lotion with you. Especially with the hot temperature. Be sure to get your skin all ready in the morning. Protection during dancing!

7. Antibacterial gelΒ 

You can’t expect a festival to be squeaky clean. You can’t wash your hands every five minutes, so be sure to bring some antibacterial gel with you. It’s not soap, but it’s better than nothing!

8. Pick the corners at the Dixies

For those who don’t know: the Dixies are those perfectly placed toilets that most construction workers use. Anyway, it’s a spot that beholds lots of complaints during the festival festivities. It’s not the most ideal place for you to do your ‘business’, but you can surely miss those long queues. A tip to have your ‘business’ taken care of quicker? Go to the toilets in the corners. There’s mostly one queue in front of three toilets.

9. Who takes what?

You’ve got lots of weight to take with you, so it might be a good thing to ask your friends what they’ll bring. It might help you to lose some of that weight! Think about shampoo, shower gel, facial cleanser, wet wipes and so on.

10. Bring dry shampoo

If you don’t want to wash your hair because of the enormous queue in front of the showers, you should bring dry shampoo! You’ll sweat easily, so you’ll need it. Trust me.

11. ICE contacts

Rescuers and the police might have a hard time figuring out who to call in case of emergency. That’s why you should put your contacts under the name ICE (In Case of Emergency).

Were you planning on visiting a festival this year?

Love, Deem ❀

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