The Celebrity tag

We all have a fondness of a certain actor/actress or celebrity for that matter. As do I. Multiple, actually. Some not as big as others but, a lot. I’m not one for actresses (sorry). I just feel more affection for male actors. But I can’t deny that there are some phenomenal actresses out there! Anyway: let’s start!

1. Who are your top two celebrity crushes and why?

Only two?! But I have a top three haha. Oh god, that’s so unfair. Okay, well… Damn, that’s so hard. Well, of course, my number one that’ll never change is George MacKay. Why I love him… He’s modest, honest, inspiring, multitalented, caring, conscious and curious. I’ve seen all his movies and he’s just such a phenomenal actor. I’m short on words to show my love towards that actor. Now as for my second… Sorry, but I really can’t choose between Andrew Garfield and Robert Sheehan. There’s just no way I can choose. So I have to put them both in the second place. Andrew is a phenomenal actor with roles that are beyond my imagination. He really knows how to show emotion (alongside George). And then there’s Robert. He’s so funny and humorous. It’s the most loveable thing.

2. Have you met any celebrities? If yes, who and where they’re from if others may be unfamiliar?

From abroad, I’ve met Bryan Dechart, Amelia Rose Blaire, Nolan North and Troy Baker during MCM Manchester. Other than that, some local celebrities that I don’t really find worth it to share since no one will know them. But that’s sadly basically it already. I was close to meeting Tom Felton, but I didn’t end up buying tickets to actually do so. And hopefully, if it continues on, I’ll meet Chad Michael Murray this November! They’re all from America!

3. Do you personally know any celebrities?

Well, only a friend of ours that was in a huge musical named Peter Bell. But he’s not really a celebrity haha. Other than that, I know a soccer player. Well, my dad does and he’s become a close friend. He stopped with his soccer career to continue on with his love for clothes. He’s played in the league for a short while. So, those are the only two celebrities I know haha.

4. Which TV show cast would you most want to be friends with and why?

The Umbrella Academy. That may be mainly because of Robert Sheehan being in it haha. But no seriously, I just really adore the men in that cast. They’re all so unique in character and acting and whenever I see interviews of them together, it just makes my heart flutter with how adorable they are with one another. There’s just no shame among them to show their love towards their fellow men cast members.

5. Which film cast would you most want to be friends with and why?

1917! For sure! I mean, not only for George MacKay, but also because of Dean-Charles Chapman. Man, he’s such a lovely man! And a great actor! And Andrew Scott! Oh, I’d love to be friends with him! And there’s this German soldier that’s just very adorable and I wouldn’t mind being friends with him too haha. But no, there are also some very big names that are awesome actors to be friends with! Colin Firth, Benedict Cumberbatch and Richard Madden.

6. Which film character would you most want to portray and why?

It may sound weird or maybe too predictable, but I’d really want to be William Schofield. I see a likeness in his character, for wanting to keep things private and not sharing many feelings. Still, he cares deeply for those around him and wants to do everything he can to protect them. He’s a fighter and doesn’t give up, holds himself firm to a promise he made. There’s just so much that reminds me of myself whenever I see him on screen. Never giving up, always continuing, even when hurt and exhausted. If I would’ve known William and he existed, I know we would’ve been very good friends.

7. Who’s your celebrity style inspiration and why?

No one. I dress the way I want, with no inspiration taken. I love black clothes and the punk side/emo side of things. There’s no celebrity out there that kind of has the same style as I do. So, I have my own unique style.

Who’s your celebrity crush?

Love, Deem ❤

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