What I really miss while being quarantined

Sadly enough, everyone is still quarantined. Sure, some things have been made easier for us or have been re-opened, but not everything. In my country, they even made a ‘temporary’ law to maintain social distancing. I find it a wonderful solution. Only, I’m quite ‘suspicious’ of the term temporary. Anyway, I wanted to just talk about the things I really miss while being quarantined.

1. Concerts and events

Surely, those who know me know I’m utterly gutted by me not being able to go to concerts and events. Most have been postponed (two are still unknown) and I can still go. But, I hate the fact that I had a lot planned and those dates passed by as normal days. Or well, as far as normal can be while being quarantined. I just miss the fun, the dancing, the singing at the top of my lungs, the feeling of being utterly happy. Concerts mean the world to me and I need them to destress and have a night without worries.

2. Going to England (or vacation in general) 

Seeing as borders are closed, I can’t return to my beloved country. I can’t go to MCM or any place in the United Kingdom for that matter. Together with Sweden, this border stays closed, even after June 15. I’m sad, because I may have plans to go to England in November. But I’m afraid it won’t happen, seeing as the virus is still pretty much present.

3. Seeing friends

I miss seeing my friends and being able to hug them. It’s so weird to not have any meetings or go to any movies with them. It’s only calling and texting and I’m getting real sick of it being the only thing we can do. Sure, you can keep your distance but, I can’t take the risk. I’ve got two people in my family who are extremely prone to the virus. So until then, I guess phone calls have to fulfil the needs of seeing my friends.

4. Visiting amusement parks

Sure, some have re-opened in my country, but it simply doesn’t feel safe enough to go yet. Plus, you can only go by reservation and most tickets have already been sold out. That’s quite annoying, but it was also predictable. I mean, who wouldn’t immediately get a ticket to get outside of the house for some well-deserved fun?

5. School

Yes, I even miss school. Isn’t that weird? Sure, I have homework (cough cough) but just the travelling, the being outside of the house, the being in class and paying actual attention to your teacher, the sharing food in the canteen. It’s all gone. Sure, some schools are re-opening, but not all of them. I just miss seeing my classmates in real.

What do you miss the most while being in quarantine?

Love, Deem ❤

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22 thoughts on “What I really miss while being quarantined

  1. Ik ga eerlijk zijn. Ik heb niet echt veel gemist. Wel meer gebeld en noem maar op. Maar nee eigenlijk heb ik er nog van genoten het weer was goed dus wat moest men nog meer hebben.

    Aum Shanthi

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  2. As a starting businessman I really miss face-to-face networking. Online networking, such as video conferences, is nice, but you still lack that “x-factor” of real life contact.

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  3. So many things to miss. I’m a singer, and have been practicing twice a week pretty much year round since 1988! Its my way of life, plus performing, travelling to conferences and doing concert tours. Its like i’ve lost a part of who i am. I definitely dont mind working from home though. I dont miss the aggravation of being at the office, and get so much more done at home. Plus, i started my blog during this quarantine, so not all bad. But i have had to cancel three trips. One each to NY, ME, and FL. Fingers crossed my reschedule to NY in August happens, and a trip to CA happens in March.

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      1. I sing competitive a cappella with a barbershop quartet. But have also sung classical with the local symphony, and founded two choruses in the area that focused on world music and promoting local composers.

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