Disney facts that you probably didn’t know about!

Everyone is a fan of Disney (I mean, if you aren’t, you should perhaps let yourself get checked. Kidding). And just like every other film business, there are multiple facts known about them. So, let’s take a look at Disney, shall we?

1. The white dress that Amy Adams wore in the movie Enchanted had a weight of 20 kilos/44 pounds.

2. The original name of The Lion King was supposed to be King Of The Jungle. Though, someone made the smart comment about lions not living in the jungle. So, they changed the name.

3. Do you sometimes have the feeling that certain scenes are some sort of Deja Vu? That’s right! The company animated some scenes with rotoscoping, projecting the images frame by frame on the drawing board. This makes it much easier for the drawers to redraw the projected images. So, there are scenes from Robin Hood (1973) that are originally from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937). The same goes for The Jungle Book (1967) and The Aristocats (1970).

4. Ariël (from the Little Mermaid) was the only Disney princess with brothers and sisters. Then, Brave came out. All the other princesses are an only child.

5. Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) is the only true blonde-haired princess. Cinderella’s hair is more reddish hair than blonde. And, Rapunzel is originally a brunette! Her hair turned blonde because of the flower’s magic.

6. Mickey Mouse has four fingers on each hand because the animators believed his hands looked ridiculous with five.

7. Wall-E, Monsters Inc., A Bug’s Life and Finding Nemo were all invented in 1994 during one lunch break/brainstorm session.

8. There are 6.469.952 black dots in the movie 101 Dalmatians. So, they used several dogs from the movie Lady and the Tramp. Why? Because they’d spend a lot of time on the dots from the dalmatians.

9. Of course, the most sold souvenir from Disney are Mickey’s ears. They’ve been sold over more than 78 million times!

10. The final movie that Walt Disney worked on before he died, was The Jungle Book.

11. In the movie The Lion King, there are several letters written in the dust when Simba sits down onto the ground. The letters SEX can be seen, but it was supposed to be SFX, the signature of the effects team.

12. Walt Disney’s favourite Disney figure was the dog Goofy. Yes, Goofy is a dog. He’s based off an Australian dingo.

Do you have some more Disney facts I didn’t list?

Love, Deem ❤

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Images source: Pexels

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