The things you’ll agree upon when you can’t stand summer weather

There goes the temperature, all the way up. Prepare some ice cream, get some ice cubes going and get ready to start sweating. If you, just like me, hate summer weather, you’ll recognize the following list!

1. Whenever your friends or family decide to go to the beach, you start to slowly freak out. While they want to go sunbathing, you’d rather stay in the shadows underneath a sun umbrella.

2. You decide to try and sit in the sun for a while, but need a fresh dive in the water after five minutes. That’s all you can handle before you melt.

3. Everyone gets super hyped whenever the sun is out. But you, you act like a vampire and rather stay inside all day. No bloody hell you’re going outside now.

4. And even if one gets you to sit in the sun, you burn within 3 seconds. Hello red lobster/red tomato, haven’t seen that look in a while! Even sunblock/sunscreen won’t work.

5. What in god’s name are you supposed to wear in this hot weather? You’ve changed your clothes three times already, which makes you sweat even more. Oh why is it so bloody hot?

6. Sleeping is a true disaster. You can’t sleep at all and continue to toss in your bed. Eventually you turn some music on, take all your clothes off and drink some water. But nothing works. No sleeping for you tonight.

7. Once you’ve got a lover, you don’t want to touch him/her. You’re both extremely sweaty and everything feels sticky when skin touches skin. Sorry love, no hugs or spooning tonight.

8. Everyone hates those sweat spots underneath your armpits. They smell and look disgusting. And of course, they appear much quicker with this hot weather. It’s so annoying! And there’s nothing to do against it!

9. Your friends have long hair and decide to let it hang loose. They believe that cools them down. But your neck hates it. It starts to get all sweaty and your hair sticks like glue to your neck. Yuck!

Do you love the summer or do you hate it?

Love, Deem ❤

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Images source: Pexels

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