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Paranormal stories from England’s buildings: part 2

Warning: contains topics that may cause an uneased feeling. Advised to not read at night or rather with someone when easily feeling unsettled.

England has many buildings that behold ghost stories, or well, paranormal ones. I’ve always been interested in such stories, including abandoned buildings. Sure, the question will always be the same: are such stories true? Multiple buildings have been visited by paranormal scientists, and they said it was true. I’ve researched multiple stories last year, for no real purpose. So, I suddenly decided to turn it into a series! In several parts, I’ll be telling all paranormal stories and the history of England’s buildings! Today: part 2!

1. Village of Pluckley (Kent, England)

Most Haunted Village in Britain, Pluckley | Most haunted places ...
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Pluckley Village has been reputated as the most haunting ghost town in England. Fun fact: Guinness Book of World Records gave that title to the town in 1989. Between 12 and 16 ghosts have been reported in the village. One of them is a screaming man. Then there’s a bandit appearing on Fright Corner. People said he was murdered and tied to a tree, which is why he’s running around the spot he was murdered. Then there’s a group of children who found a hanged teacher, which seems to be patrolling the fields till this day. And last but not least, an old woman who was found smoking on the bridge. The Black Horse Pub is the home base of an invisible ghost who makes itself known by moving glasses and possessions throughout the pub.

2. Athelhampton House (Dorset, England)

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It’s considered one of the most haunting places in the province. Two duelists chase one another in The Great Chamber, where they once interrupted a female guest by fighting with each other. People have heard knocking noises in the wine cellar, while they ghost of The Grey Lady was spotted during countless occasions. Then there’s the sound of the phantom cat, which can be heard walking around on the bare floorboards around the house.

3. Salmesbury Hall (Lancashire, England)

Samlesbury - geograph.org.uk - 1758296.jpg
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It’s a black and white medieval house dating from the 14th century. It’s said to be haunted by Lady Dorothy Southworth’s ghost, and several others. Some ghosts have been captured on camera in the hallway. William Harrison, Joseph Harrison’s oldest son, lived in the hall till 1879 before he committed suicide. He fell on the ice in January 1879, which caused traumatic injuries in William’s brains and leg, resulting in severe depressions. His father died the next year in Galligreaves Hall, after a long illness. On a certain night, midway 19th century, there was a dinner being held in the big hall in Salmesbury. One of the guests returned to his bedroom to go get some cigars. Whilst walking towards the lounge, he looked out the window and saw a carriage with six horses on the other side of the driveway. The coachman had many missing teeth and a bandage over one of his eyes. The other guests hadn’t heard or seen anything. One week later, the same guest was back at the house. He got a room at the top floor and wanted to use the new lift and pressed the button. When the doors opened, the same coachman he had seen earlier stood in front of him, wearing the lift attendant’s uniform.

4. Chillingham Castle (Northumberland, England)

Chillingham Castle north front.jpg
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It dates from the 12th century and knows many ghost stories and meetings. Its current owners make the castle one of the most haunted onces in Britain. The most famous ghost of the castle is The Blue (or radiant) Boy who haunts the Pink Room in the castle and creates blue circles of light. Guests said they had seen blue flashes and a blue ‘halo’ of light above their beds. The hauntings ceased after renovation work revealed a young boy’s body inside a 10-foot thick wall. Then there’s the ghost of a tortured child, the ghost of Lady Mary and a spooky royal procession. The castle has a record of 8 executions and the ghosts of those who were murdered haunt the castle till this very day. Many whispering voices were heard in the chapel and a pale figure begs for water in the scullery. A poem has been written about this place: ”All houses in which men have lived and died are haunted houses: through the open doors the harmless phantoms on their errands glide, with feet that make no sounds upon the floors.”

5. Hampton Court Palace (London, England)

Great Gate, Hampton Court Palace.jpg
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This palace is 502 years old, so it’s not surprising that it’s haunted with medieval ghosts, hiding a blood-curling history. Two of king Henry VIII’s wives are said to be common spirits. Catherine Howard (one of his wives) was placed under house arrest in Hampton Court just before her execution. Visitors have seen her dressed in white, walking around the halls while screaming. Jane Seymour (his other wife) died while giving birth. Henry ordered to bury her heart under the altar of the Royal Chapel. She was seen in the courtyard, walking with a candle. And there appears to be a screaming lady, together with an appearance called Skeletor.

That’s it for part 2! Which story had you heard before? And which one seems the most ‘creepy’ to you?

Love, Deem ❤

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