My memories: my concert list!

I thought of a new subject to blog about: my memories. Some will be about games, some will be about music and some will be personal. Most of you know me by now or know what I’m up to in my life. Of course, not everyone does. Especially not those who recently followed my blog. So, today shall be all about part 1: my concert list!

1. Before I begin…

Can you guess how many concerts I’ve currently had? My first ever concert was in 2016 and the current last one was this year before every concert got cancelled. And, with the ones I had planned but got postponed: what do you think my total will be for now? I’m gonna give you guys a few seconds to determine what the number might be… And alright, you’ve had enough time to guess. Let’s find out!

2. 2016

This has only one concert, which was my very first too. It was Simple Plan, the band I had known since I was 5 years old. I heard ‘I’m Just A Kid on the television and was sold. Ever since I listened to them. They got me through my high school period and I never stopped loving them. I saw them live on March 18.

3. 2017

I had 2 concerts in 2017: Walking On Cars and my second time seeing Simple Plan live. The first one was actually postponed to a different date. Why? Because the lead singer had a sore throat and was unable to perform. Walking On Cars was March 13 and Simple Plan was on June 7.

4. 2018

I had 7 concerts this year. Holy hell, I honestly had no clue it was so many haha. Well, Imagine Dragons and their support act K.Flay was 2 days for my birthday, February 19. After that, I went to see The Script on March 15, Starset on April 5, Kensington with their support act Di-Rect on July 14, Ten Years Today on September 21, Three Days Grace and their support act Bad Wolves on October 11 and The Overslept on November 29.

5. 2019

Oh my, also 7 concerts this year haha. I’m going crazy, ain’t it? I guess I just want to make sure I have enough memories to live by πŸ˜‰ I saw Snow Patrol on January 14, Walking On Cars (a second time) on May 8, One Ok Rock on May 12, Maroon 5 on June 10, Three Days Grace (a second time) on June 24, Conor Maynard on October 13 and Skillet on December 12.

6. 2020

Well, I was supposed to have 8 concerts this year. Oh my, one more haha. Shame on me xd. Anyway, I only went to three (since they were before quarantine started). I saw MIKA on February 13, Jonas Brothers a day before my birthday, February 20 and Starset (a second time) on March 7. One is still standing for this year if the government allows it to happen. Fingers crossed, so I can make a 4 for this year.

7. 2021

Now, I still have 5 to go. Three of them have been rescheduled for next year. One still stands at the end of this year, the same date (as written above) and the last one is unknown. In terms of when the new date will be announced. It hasn’t been cancelled, only postponed. Which ones? I’ll let that be a surprise for now πŸ˜‰

8. End results

So, if we count them all, I’ve currently had 20 concerts. With the 5 postponed, it’ll end at 25. I can’t even believe I’ve seen so many bands live in those years. I know it costs a lot of money, you don’t have to tell me twice. But I don’t regret seeing a single one of them. And some I’ve won tickets for or got them for my birthday. Either way, I just live for concerts. They make me happy and give me the feeling that I’m alive. Sure it costs money, but the happiness that comes with… It’s all worth it.

So: how many concerts have you attended so far?

Love, Deem ❀

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