Game Review: Tales From The Borderlands: The Telltale Series

I just finished this game yesterday, and I have to say: I really loved the game! Sure, there wasn’t as much action as in Batman, but I just overall loved the game. And the design, holy crap! It looked amazing! Anyway, let’s jump into the review!

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Corporate stooge Rhys, and Con woman Fiona team up to discover the secret of an alien vault on the dangerous planet pandora. Long-standing fables of a Vault containing vast treasures on Pandora have drawn numerous “Vault Hunters” to the planet, as well as the Hyperion corporation who maintain military-like control of the planet from an orbiting base named Helios.

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Just as with every other Telltale Game, this one has the same kind of gameplay: choosing what to say in order to maintain relationships and such. But of course, that’s not all. It does have a few action scenes in it. Well, a few might seem underrated. Especially in one certain episode, there’s an awesome battle!

So, to introduce the characters, they’re following the original Borderlands games and show the name, a funny description and, you know, an entry that sets the characters’ characteristics.

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Now, you can upgrade your ride, robot and clothing a couple of times throughout the game. As Fiona (because you play as both Rhys and Fiona) you collect money to buy certain things/upgrades. As Rhys, you can only do it twice, early in the game. And one other cool thing about Rhys: he has an echo eye with which he can scan things! That’s really cool to do!

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Throughout the game, you can make allies by carefully picking certain actions or things to say. In the end, those will come in real handy. Now, I don’t want to spoil which characters you can get, but I thought it was a lovely addition to select your very own team to defeat the ‘greatest’ enemy.

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I just really loved the story and the characters. And the intro scenes… Those were honestly the best! Each episode had its own song and opening scene and you could see there has been put so much work in this game! It feels really underrated, but it deserves much more credit!

I shall give Tales From The Borderlands: The Telltale Series, 4 out of 5 stars!

Have you played the game?  

Love, Deem ❤

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