The Twitter video games edition tag

I’ve recently answered some questions in a tag about video games. But, I saw some photos passing by on Twitter that had some questions I hadn’t answered before. And honestly, my answers have changed since the other post I wrote! So, let’s start!

1. A game that had a lasting impression on you.

Obviously, I’d pick Uncharted. But since it specifically asks for an everlasting impression, I have to pick The Last Of Us. The story was just so well-written and kept you on your seat the entire time. The game itself as well. I’ll simply never forget that game, ever again.

2. Favourite female video game character.

Honestly, I’m not one for female characters. Not to pick a favourite, I mean. Meaning, I have no one. Male characters speak more to me.

3. A game that’s so bad but so good.

I must say, I recently started playing Guardians Of The Galaxy, The Telltale Series. Everyone says it’s a bad game, but I actually enjoy it. It’s funny and it makes me laugh. And sure, maybe the game isn’t the best one Telltale has ever made but. I sometimes do kind of need those ‘joker’ games.

4. A game that hit an emotional spot in your heart.

Batman honestly. The ending of the second season, in a way, the way it developed. God, I felt bad for so many people in that one. I can’t spoil anything but, oh you’ll find out what I mean once you play it yourself.

5. Favourite game developer or studio.

Naughty Dog will always have a soft spot in my heart since they developed the Uncharted series. And that’ll always be my favourite game. That’ll never change.

6. Favourite male video game character.

Obviously, Nathan Drake. I can’t choose anyone else but him. Though lately, I’ve had issues with not putting Joel or Batman above him. But no, Nathan will always be my favourite. That’ll never change either.

7. 5 of your favourite OSTs.

  1. Uncharted soundtrack
  2. Beyond: Two souls soundtrack
  3. The Last Of Us soundtrack
  4. Detroit: Become Human soundtrack
  5. The Wolf Among Us soundtrack

8. A game that not enough people talk about.

I mean, not many people talk about Uncharted The Golden Abyss, or Uncharted The Lost Legacy. The first one because it’s only for PSVita, and the last one because our famous Nathan Drake is no longer there. Though for the last one, I can’t blame them too much.

9. Favourite villain.

The Joker in Batman. I know he has two ways but, it’s just very well-written to look into it in a very different way. Though in Batman itself, I always liked The Joker. I mean, who doesn’t? It’s The Joker we’re talking about.

10. Favourite game as a kid.

Guitar Hero. When I was younger, that was the thing I rocked to the most. I truly miss that game. Wish I still could. Would be amazing to fill the time I can’t fill with actual concerts.

11. 5 of your favourite video games.

  1. Uncharted
  2. Batman The Telltale Series
  3. The Last Of Us
  4. Detroit: Become Human
  5. The Walking Dead

12. A game or series that you’ve never been interested in.

I know most people are really loving the Zelda games, but it just wasn’t really something for me. I just love characters that have voice actors throughout the game and not so big of a world to explore.

13. Favourite NPC or party member.

I mean, I love The Joker in the Batman series, but I also love Alfred in the same game. And, I love Sully and Sam from Uncharted as well. Oh, so many… I can’t choose! But okay, fair enough. I pick Sully then. He’s just, the best father figure ever.

14. A game that never gets old.

For me, that’s obviously Uncharted. I played all 6 games multiple times and still love it. It’ll never fail to make me happy and simply will never get bored. At least not for me.

15. A game that everyone should play at least once.

Batman, sorry not sorry. It’s just a very well-written game and both season really rock. And you can actually have multiple ‘endings’ for multiple characters and whatever you say does affect your relationship with them. And I mean, who doesn’t love Batman/Bruce Wayne?

16. A game that inspires you.

Detroit: Become Human inspires me. Why? Because I want to believe if we ever get androids, humanity will not accept them as sleeves. At least I wouldn’t. The way the game describes the futuristic problems and issues, I can only be inspired to hope it won’t happen like that in real life and if so, be inspired to hope humanity will do everything they can to help them to secure their freedom.

17. Favourite genre.

Shooting games, meaning adventure games. I just really love shooting enemies in games. Don’t ask me why, but it’s a wonderful way of losing steam when needed. And besides, who doesn’t love a bit of adventure? Everyone does.

18. That game you REALLY should have played by now.

Obviously, that’s gotta be Horizon Zero Dawn. I still haven’t played it because I want to save it for when I’m totally ready to get lost for hours in a game. And right now, I’m not entirely ready for such thing yet.

19. Favourite indie game you played recently.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. It shows developers aren’t necessarily needed anymore since it has been self-published by the company itself. It was a really good game that made the list of ‘best indie games ever.’

20. A game that truly scared the shit out of you.

No game, because ‘horror’ games do nothing to me. Most of them are really predictable like most horror movies. I’m not scared when I play games that are ‘supposed’ to be scary.

Which game is one you wish you never played?

Love, Deem ❤

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