The thoughts you have while video calling with your friends!

In times like these, you call a lot with your friends. Sure it’s not always with video but, most of the time it is. And, I’m sure you’ll recognize the following thoughts/events that happen during those video calls! 

1. Background issues

You’re trying to find a spot with an ‘okay’ background. One that doesn’t have much mess laying around, not too much exposure to your weird fanbase. Oh well, who cares? You’re too busy to clean and they probably don’t know most of the things you’re a fan of.

2. Frozen screen

The video call continues to be laggy almost every two minutes. Then your friend’s head is frozen, then it’s your own. There’s always someone in there with a weak connection. Luckily the voice stays on. Mostly.

3. Echoing

‘I’m gonna grab some snacks real quick.’ (I’m gonna gran some snacks real quick). Wait, what? Oh great, echoing… It’s either your own phone and microphone or someone who has their phone on speaker.

4. Everyone talks

Everyone keeps talking at the same time, which makes it hard for you to say something. So, you rather stay quiet and just wait for someone to ask you a question you can answer. Or, you decide to try to talk over it and scream at the top of your lungs to get your turn.

5. Presentable display

You want to make yourself a bit ‘presentable’ for the call and decide to put some makeup on and a nice shirt. But the bottom… is basically sweatpants. Why bother dressing your lower body if nobody sees it?

6. No effort

Some people decide to not dress up at all. Their hair looks like a tornado hit them and they’re still wearing their onesies while video calling. Sure, we’re all inside but… How much trouble is it to make yourself a tiny bit ‘presentable’ on camera?

7. Distracted

There’s always someone who seems to be doing something entirely different. Okay, maybe everyone does. I mean, who’s really gonna stare at a screen for an hour and a half? I wouldn’t blame anyone doing that, to be honest.

8. Phone holder

Wait, what was that view? Oh, someone’s phone just fell. So, they try a different angle midst-calling and hope it stays put. Or, it’s your own phone that can’t seem to stay put. Oh phone, why? Why now?

9. Bad sound

The friend who uses headphones or earphones to make themselves hearable. However, it results in them sounding like a continuous echo, like they’re screaming or like they’re whispering. The sound just simply never seems to be working right!

10. One black screen

There’s always that one friend who’s camera doesn’t seem to work. It shows a loading screen for eternity, but no friendly face waiting on the other side. Internet, can you please just work for once?

Have you been video calling with your friends/family since quarantine?

Love, Deem ❤

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