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Ever since I got my driving license in 2015, I wanted to answer some tag questions about cars. Sadly enough, there hasn’t been a blog so far that made one (or I haven’t searched well enough). Either way, I thought it might be fun to make my own. And if you want to answer the questions for yourself, feel free to!

1. When did you get your driving license?

It was the 25th of October 2015 when I got my driving license. I honestly thought I had failed, but the driving instructor said I did a very good job and saw no point in letting me fail the exam. I remember I pranked my mum by saying I failed when I got home. When she hugged me and said sorry, I started laughing and told her I did get my driving license. She was overjoyed and wasn’t even annoyed about me pranking her haha.

2. Do you have your own car?

Yes, I do. My second actually. I got my first one back in 2016/2017, but I lost it in 2018 due to a car accident. That’s when I got my second car. Both were second-hand cars. I mean, why would I be ashamed to admit that? Most young people start with a second-hand car as soon as they get their driving license.

3. What’s your dream car?

I’d love to have a sportscar. Of course, those are very expensive and will most likely never happen. But hey, a girl can dream, right? I’d love to have a black sportscar with red rims and a spoiler at the back. Brand? I don’t care that much. Though, I’d never say no to a Ferrari or Lamborghini haha.

4. Have you been in a car accident?

Yes, I have. I was wanting to turn onto an intersection. You’re not allowed to drive any harder than about 31 miles per hour. So, a car said to me I was good to go and let me pass through. I thanked him and as I was about to make sure there was no car passing on the other lane, a car going much faster than the 31 miles hit me straight in the front. I hit my head and dislocated my shoulder because of the impact. I drove back to a parking lot and we agreed we were both in the wrong. Officially I had to wait my turn, but I got a green light from a driver. And he was wrong because of his speeding. However, since I had the give-way road-marking, I was the one responsible. Oh well, causing a scene wouldn’t have mattered much. And my car was a total loss so… It wasn’t worth saving.

5. What colour car would you prefer?

Black. I love the colour black in general, which also goes for my car. Sadly I haven’t driven in any black car since I got my driving license. My driving instructor had a black car, but other than that, it was either white, blue, grey or green.

6. Are you able to park in traffic?

Yes, I have no issues with parking whatsoever. Of course, I do prefer the parking lot the most, as in those where you only have to park straight in between two cars instead of manoeuvring yourself in. But I mean, don’t we all prefer that a tiny bit more?

7. What kind of driver are you on the highway?

A pretty solid driver. I mostly drive a couple of miles under the maximum amount of miles you’re allowed to drive. Mostly because I don’t see the need for speeding to the fullest. Then again, I do love the fact that I’m allowed to go 80 miles per hour on the highway. It just depends on what kind of car I have at that moment or what the weather is. And if I am in a slight rush or not. Because if not, I don’t mind driving for about 74 miles per hour.

8. Which kind of music do you listen to while driving?

I do know some say hardcore music will affect your driving, but it doesn’t with me. I don’t suddenly drive much faster when I listen to rock or heavy metal. I just love music in general and don’t get a sudden feeling by it or start to act differently. So, my answer is of course: rock and heavy metal.

9. With or without co-driver?

I do prefer without. I’m just not really a talker while driving. I want to be able to fully concentrate on the road. Though for a long drive, I do prefer having one. Especially at night, to keep me awake 😉 And besides, I just want to be able to fully jam to my music. And with a co-driver, I tend to go easy on them.

10. Use a map, traffic signs or Google Maps?

I don’t like using my phone while driving in any way, but I do prefer using Google Maps. I don’t need to look at my screen while the voice guides me to my destination. I do like maps, but only if I have a co-driver so I don’t need to stop every several minutes to check my location and determine the road ahead. And following traffic signs, that’s my second to go. I always look at them whenever Google Maps speaks to me, just to be sure I take the right exit.

Do you have a driving license? If so, since when?

Love, Deem ❤

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28 thoughts on “The car & driving tag

  1. Nope me neither, I don’t want a car, I don’t need one. I live near city centre, it’s 10 minutes to the train station. Most of my neighbours own a car cause they are too lazy and they don’t care about the environmental pollution.

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  2. Ik heb mijn rijbewijs behaald in het jaar 83.
    Een voor mijn werk ooit heb ik ook mijn C rijbewijs behaald.
    Dan was het nog aangenaam om de baan op te gaan.

    Aum Shanthi

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jazeker heb ik een rijbewijs, sinds 2017. Mijn lievelingsmuziek in de auto is van Guus Meeuwis. Altijd meezingen met de fam.

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