Game review: Batman: The Telltale Series

I finished season 1 of the Batman: The Telltale Series game and will soon play the second season. Now, I’m not gonna write two separate posts, so I’m gonna combine the two of them in one post. The way the game works is the same in both seasons. Only the story is different. But that’s not a surprise, right? πŸ˜‰ Let’s go! I myself played it on the PS4.Β 

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Follows Bruce Wayne as he tries to juggle being the Billionaire and owner of Wayne Enterprises, with the masked vigilante Batman (season 1). Batman is blackmailed by the nefarious Amanda Waller to go undercover and infiltrate a group of supervillains that call themselves, The Pact (season 2).

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You play as both Bruce Wayne and his superhero persona Batman. The story is tailored by how you play, so your choices matter. Not only the big in-game choices (such as who to save or which place to visit first) but also the things you say to those you talk to. It makes or breaks your reputation, so to speak.

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As Batman, you visit crime scenes to restore the crime in Gotham. While you do so, you examine bodies, blood samples and many more things that occur at a crime scene. While playing, you often end up at places that have many evidence links. It’s up to you to link the right ones to one another, so Batman can make a reconstruction of what happened.

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Throughout the game, you stumble upon many combat scenes with Batman. In which, you have to quickly press certain buttons and button combinations to fill your Batman strength score. If you fail, you can start the combat again, until you succeed to move along.

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The easiest combat combination is using the flow of the arrow as shown above. It’s simply moving the right stick in the right direction. You can mostly never fail those.

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As Batman, you can choose to be violent towards the enemies, or go easy on them. When you go easy on them, many will see him as a hero who fights justice fairly. It gives you some benefits throughout the game, in a way. Both seasons have five episodes. Troy Baker is the one voicing Batman and Bruce Wayne. That’s merely why I wanted the game to play it myself. I must say, the story is fun enough to play through, but the combat scenes are the most fun to do. It isn’t my favourite Telltale Game, but it surely isn’t the lowest one either.

I shall give Batman: The Telltale Series, 4 out of 5 stars!

Have you played the game?Β Β 

Love, Deem ❀

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