Game review: Beyond: Two Souls

I started playing this game two weeks ago and have finished it almost entirely to the platinum status. Sadly enough, to go full platinum, I need two controllers to play in co-op. And I don’t have a second controller. So, until I do, I won’t have officially platinumed it. But in some way, I do haha. Without further ado: let’s take a look at the game!

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Live the life of Jodie Holmes, a young woman who possesses supernatural powers through her psychic link to a mysterious invisible entity. As a small child, Jodie Holmes became a government lab rat due to her strange psychic powers caused by her link to an incorporeal psychic entity known as Aiden.

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As above, not many times occur that you choose an answer for her to speak. Surely it happens enough times to feel like your choices matter, but most of it is walking around, doing things, use Aiden and fight your way through the game with quick-time events (QTE’s).

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The purple line is like an umbilical cord, meaning Aiden is stuck to her for the rest of her life. Now, you can ruin things for her like dates and stuff, but you also save her multiple times. Which is why she has a hate/love kinda relationship with Aiden. Moving as him isn’t hard on the ‘I play videogames often’ mode, but is when you play on the ‘I rarely play videogames’ mode. Though the QTE’s are slightly easier on the last-named mode. I do prefer the ‘I play often’ mode. I’m getting used to the QTE’s without the help arrows to guide you.

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As Aiden, you can kill humans (which is the red glow around them) or possess them (which is an orange glow). Whenever you see a blue glow, it means they’re alive and you can’t do anything with them. What you also do as Aiden, is giving Jodie the flashbacks of humans and objects scattered throughout the game. It gives her visions or answers as to what happened.

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Aiden can also collect bonuses throughout the game. They show design packs and other bonus adds to the game. They’re kinda hard to find at times, so I used YouTube to find them all. After all, it’s a required trophy to get platinum.

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The last thing Aiden can do is heal people and thus wounds. It is really hard to do that, to be honest. You see two small purple lightbulbs, which need to cover the green spot. It takes a pretty long time before it’s healed and it causes the purple bulbs to easily move away, which means you have to start all over again.

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In the easier mode, you see the arrows as shown above to be able to get less damage in combat scenes. Two things that I kinda dislike about this game, is the difference between the level modes since Aiden is easier on the harder level and Jodie (for most people) is easier on the lower level. Besides that, as mentioned earlier, I kinda dislike the way they did the healing thing. It’s really annoying how long it takes for Aiden to properly heal someone. But the story: that’s amazingly written. I really love the fact that you can choose how it ends. If she stays alive or enters Beyond. And who she falls in love with. That’s something I really like about this game.

I shall give Beyond: Two Souls, 4 out of 5 stars!

Have you played the game?  

Love, Deem ❤

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