Game review: Disney Kingdoms

I know this may sound weird. Like, would she even play a Disney related game? Yes, why wouldn’t she? Disney is for all ages if you didn’t know. Anyway, I started playing this game back in 2017 but deleted it shortly after. My phone space was running low. When I got a new phone in 2018, and was in 2019 in England for my vacation, I decided to reinstall it. And ever since, I started playing this game again. So, how about we start this review?

The screenshots are my own in-game savings from the mobile app.

Every day that you return, you’ll receive a calender award for your daily return. Next to it, you’ll be able to receive a special reward. So there will be a day where you’ll receive two awards. It varies what you’ll get. Sometimes you’ll get a chest, sometimes you’ll get gems or a new attraction you can place somewhere in the kingdom.

Here you’ll see several ‘thoughts’ appear on the visitors. They want to increase your happiness score, which is the smiley emoticon on the left side of the screen. When I made the screenshot, I was at 73%. After I gave the vistors their requests, I got a score of 5% on a higher level of happiness. Sometimes it involves looking at characters, but mostly they want to visit a certain attraction.

Here you can see your concessions, attractions and decorations that you’ve placed throughout the park. Concessions and attractions will give you magic, which is the blue elixer icon. The green check marks are the characters that have fulfilled their given task. They’ll provide you a certain addition for freeing a character from the menu and magic.

Throughout the game, you’ll free and earn several characters. There are lots and lots of Disney and Pixar movies located, which means you can collect tons of them. I have currently 69 walking around in my kingdom and am trying my best to get 4 more, which are waiting for me to fulfill the quest.

The orange ring, in the left upper corner, shows the character not doing anything. You can click on them one by one, then give them a task to fulfill. Next to it, in the pink circle, you’ll see a star. That shows which level I’m at. You can level up by fulfilling quests and clicking on the concessions and attractions to collect xp and magic. Next to that, you’ll see a green circle, which is your guests’ happiness meter. Then you’ll see a Mickey Mouse icon, with a purple circle. That tells you you can reach a new enchantment for your attractions. The white circle, to the right upper corner, shows the amount of magic I’ve currently collected. You buy characters and attractions with that. Next to that, the dark blue circle, shows my gems amount. You can choose to spend them when you want to skip several collections or collectibles, but I prefer to save them for events where you need to do tasks rather quick to get several characters. And last but not least, the light blue circle, around the bunny, shows the amount of quests you have. They give you a new character or ask you to build something within your kingdom. Or, they ask you to find an evil villain. There are three throughout the game. I’ve defeated three so far, so one more to go!

I’m trying to get this character, since it’s one of the quests. You can see that I need 15 more tokens to get him free. Sometimes it’s really hard to get them. No matter how many characters you use, when possible to use, it sometimes says a certain token is very ‘rare’ to collect. It can take a lot of time, which is why you can use your gems. But of course, the more you need, the more expensive it is to pay in gems. I prefer not to and just patiently wait. Which honestly, can become bored easily. My only complaints therefore would be for the creators to make it less hard to get a certain character or collect certain tokens throughout the story. Other than that, I’m actually enjoying it! Be careful with spending actual money though! In order to get more magic, gems or open several chests, you’ll pay with real life money.

I shall give Disney Kingdoms, 3 out of 5 stars!

Have you played the game? Or are you currently playing it? 

Love, Deem ❤

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