I did my first game stream!

Happy birthday to my sweet cat, who turned 6 today!

I wrote a post about me wanting to start streaming games, and it happened! I’m sorry I forgot to share it here, but you can still watch it on my channel! Everything worked as suspected, which made me very happy! Yes, I had a crappy microphone, since it was attached to my earphones. But still, it did its job!

I streamed for 1,5 hours. I was planning on streaming longer, but I started a tiny bit later than I had planned at first. Anyway, the setup was really easy. I could literally stream by using my PS4 and Twitch of course. I could manage my chats and views via Stream Manager and could see if my stream was working properly, if anyone was following and I had access to some extensions I had installed earlier this week.

I was streaming The Last Of Us, a full walkthrough with locations for parts, supplements and collectables. Annoyingly, the sun kept interrupting me. I could barely see what was going on, on my television, which caused me to go the wrong way. Oh well, a reminder for myself for the next stream: close the blinds.

I’m planning on posting the video on YouTube, as soon as I’ve figured out how to do that haha. But in the meantime, you can look at it on my Twitch channel, at the tab with videos. I hope you’ll enjoy watching it! And while you’re at it (and you have a profile) give me a follow!

I’ll stream again on Monday, at 6 pm CEST!

Love, Deem ❤

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