These types of guys are on Tinder!

Some friends of mine are on Tinder, and I’ve seen multiple videos from YouTubers about this phenomenon app. I myself have never used it before, and never will since I have a boyfriend. But, I gathered all the information I have so far about different types of guys and thought: let’s share it! Who knows: you might even recognize it!

1. Mr Sunglasses

This guy wears his sunglasses on every photo on his profile. Like, there’s literally no photo without them. How on earth are you supposed to see his eyes? I mean, seeing his eyes is very important to determine whether or not you should swipe right!

2. Fit boy

The guy who flexes his entire body, muscles and all. Most of his photos show him working out in the gym, and most of them also seem to be him posing shirtless. But I mean, who doesn’t want to look at abs and/or a sixpack?

3. ‘Original’ pick up lines

They can be funny, at times. But they surely need to be very special, before they can be considered a success. ‘Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?’ No, control alt delete sir. ‘F5… Sorry, I thought this was a vending machine. ‘Cause you look like a snack.’ Oh please, shut your mouth!

4. Nicer in real life

Of course it’s logical that you’ll only get to know someone by meeting them in real life. But, asking you to meet up with him 3 seconds after matching… That’s rather quick. Maybe too quick. Let’s talk some more first, okay?

5. Animal lover

These aren’t hard to find on Tinder. Most guys have a photo with a pet or an animal. Sure, it’s easier to have a subject to talk about when you both have a dog but… Are you just as cute as your dog, mister?

6. Children

The guys who have a photo on their profile with a child in it, need to tell you right away that it isn’t theirs. It’s either their nephew, niece, brother or sister.

7. World traveller

Of course, everyone loves travelling, guys included. His pictures tell it all: he has seen half of the world already. Or is that photoshop?

8. One-night stander

I hate to tell you this but… Tinder ain’t exactly the right place to look for a serious relationship. Most guys on there try to find a one-night stand. You know, the kind of guy who says things that most likely should get a girl in his bed.

9. Ghoster

These guys are everywhere, not just on Tinder. You start talking and you have a lot of fun together. It goes quite well actually, pretty smooth and such. You start to feel something, hoping for it to become something more. And suddenly, he’s gone. No messages, no nothing.

10. Only a ‘match’ guy

Some matches make you utterly happy: a very handsome guy who also swiped right! Sadly, it appears to be only a match… He won’t answer your messages and you seem to have been dumped. Right away.

11. The one

And then… After all the swiping, you’ve found your prince charming. The connection is right, you like the same jokes and you smile whenever you receive a message. After many conversations and sleepless nights, you agree to meet up. Let’s find out if he’s truly ‘the’ one!

Have you ever used Tinder? Or are you totally unfamiliar with it, just like me?

Love, Deem ā¤

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