The things every supermarket employee deals with!

Many of my friends have a job at a supermarket, or had back in their youth. Simply because they needed money. You know, your normal summer/side job. Anyway, let’s take a look at the list. And if you’ve worked at a supermarket too, please let me know what you recognized! 

1. Jokes

The jokes the customers make when you give them their receipt for the groceries. Why do you even bother asking? The answers are: ‘No, I’m not getting my money back anyway’ and ‘only when you write your number on it.’

2. Change

You’re good at calculus/maths. Or, maybe not… Everyone expects you to be able to give your money back within seconds, whenever you’re behind the cash register. Of course the cash register does most work for you but, sometimes you still manage to confuse yourself.

3. Customer bonuses 

Some customers never understand the day a ‘customer bonus’ starts. I mean, it’s obviously shown in the commercials and emails you receive. And besides, it doesn’t do well to dwell on it, dear customer. I, as an employee, can’t let it happen a day earlier you know.

4. Goodbye gift

You’ve been a loyal and hard worker, but the time has come for you to say goodbye. You quit your job and are ready for your goodbye gift. But all you get, is a bunch of flowers. Great, thanks…

5. Fake smile

Whether you show a fake smile or a real one, it always sells. You’ve learned that during your supermarket duty. You’ve heard it all from your boss when you weren’t smiling: ‘you seem to be having fun’ and ‘don’t forget to smile.’

6. Known products

You know every product they sell in the supermarket. It’s because of you stocking the shelves, which occurs in you knowing every brand and product there is. And, you know which ones are new and which are no longer for sell.

7. Sickness

Saying you’re sick to skip your shift, was no option. But, it turned you into a true fighter. Your boss never bought your excuses for having a fever and told you to solve it with medicine. Thanks, dude.

8. Opening hours

Of course, there are the customers that don’t get the opening hours. So, when it’s your job to get it open, you need to be there before 8 am. When you arrive, there are already multiple customers waiting to get inside, asking when the store opens. Can’t you read the sign?

9. Different cash registers

You always have those people that stand in line at the cash register that only accepts credit cards, and they still want to pay with cash. Can’t you read?

10. Warehouse

You always have customers who ask you to check the warehouse. Perhaps the product they’re looking for, can be found in the warehouse, even though you told them it isn’t. And when you return pretty quick, they say: ‘you haven’t checked well enough.’ Sigh…

11. Break interruption

Yes, it happens. You’re about to have lunch, when a customer heads over to you and asks for you to find something for him/her. Well, you have to help… One issue though: it reduces the amount of time you have for your break.

12. Have a nice day

Of course it’s sweet whenever a customer wishes you a nice day when they leave. But come on… You still need to work 7 more hours, need to restock 6 shelfs, train a new employee and be on hold for the cash register…

13. Name calling

It’s kind of weird when customers call you by your name. Of course it’s written on your chest but… It’s still pretty random. Even more when you’ve stolen your colleague’s one because you’ve lost your own…

14. Taking over your work

And the most annoying thing of them all: customers who think they can do your job better than you do. But keep in mind, dear customer: I’ve been working here for three years already. So don’t tell me how it works!

Have you ever worked at a supermarket?

Love, Deem ❤

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