Do you only wear black clothes? Then you’ll recognize this list!

It might not be a secret that I love wearing black clothes. In all honesty, I barely have any coloured clothes in my closet. I just prefer the colour black, mainly because most punk/gothic clothing is black. Of course not everything. But I’m getting off topic. This post is all about those who are just like me, and will highly recognize the following things while constantly wearing black clothes!

  1. It doesn’t matter when you go shopping, you’ll always run to the black clothes first. It’s more an automatic thing honestly. You’re just not really drawn to coloured clothing.
  2. It’s never hard for you to find a complete outfit when you decide to go out. After all, black goes with literally everything. And besides, black never fails. Not for any occasion.
  3. But when you do go to an appointment, everyone in the room looks at you and asks right away: ”Can’t you wear anything else? Like, red? Blue?” You roll your eyes and sit down, ignoring their comments. Just accept my choice of clothing, okay?
  4. Of course you know that wearing black clothes in the summer is kinda asking to be overheated. But you ignore that thought and continue on wearing it. After all, it’s your signature style.
  5. Okay, you convince yourself that you should buy coloured clothing at least once in your life. So you head to the shops and make a deal with yourself. However, when you get back home, you’ve failed. You’ve bought new black clothes. Oops…?
  6. Though, you have one thing that you’ll only wear in colours: accessoires. A golden necklace for example. It just gives that special ‘touch’ to your outfit. And who doesn’t like the sight of accessoires that show themselves bright?
  7. A big advantage: black clothes will never reveal what you’re wearing underneath. No shameful images of anyone seeing your underwear. And if you have blood issues during your period: no one will ever know!
  8. Black makes you look a bit more ‘slimmer.’ Your legs look longer and less thick, and so does your body in general. However, that shouldn’t be ‘the’ reason for you to wear black clothes. It’s just a small advantage.
  9. If you’re someone who easily makes a mess out of anything, don’t worry! Stains won’t be shown on black clothes. However, animal fur does… If your cat or dog is white in fur πŸ˜‰

Do you wear black clothes? Or very rarely?

Love, Deem ❀

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Images source: Pexels


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