The length of your fingers tells your personality!

There is a high possibility that you’ve never looked at your fingers before. Or well, not in the way that I’ll tell you all about. You see, the length of your fingers will tell you what your personality is!

1. Your index finger is longer than your ring finger

You’re extremely confident and a true leader. You often take the lead in your group of friends and are always available for a problem to be solved. You’re also very creative and your friends will always come to you, when they need advice.

2. Your ring finger is longer than your index finger

You’re a real charmer! You’re very good at flirting and often cause others to flirt with you too. You’re not scared to take risks, which often ends well. You may look aggressive sometimes, but when you want something to be done, you’ll make it happen.

3. Your index finger and ring finger are the same length

You’re a king/queen in communication. People love telling you about their problems, because they feel comfortable with your warm personality. You do love being on your own from time to time, have some rest. Be a stranger for several hours, to recharge your battery.

What do your fingers say?

Love Deem ❤

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Image source: Pexels


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